twitter wants you to “fleet” with them

there is way too much social media platforms right now.
the main ones are:

tik tok

i feel like we are getting overloaded with all this social media.
the idea of posting something and it disappearing after 24 was innovative.
snap did it first,
but ig stole the idea and did it better.
since facebook and whatsapp are all in that conglomerate,
they both decided to do overkill with the stories too.
i was baffled when youtube decided to start doing stories as well.

how much fuckin’ apps need a story option?

well one of my favs,
decided to not be innovative because check what they’re doing next…

Twitter is testing its own version of Stories. The company announced today it will begin to trial a new sharing format called “Fleets,” starting in Brazil, which will let users post ephemeral content to its social network for the first time. Unlike Tweets, Twitter’s new Fleets can’t receive Likes, Replies or Retweets. And they’ll disappear entirely after 24 hours.

Fleets aren’t non-public, to be clear; they’re just a little less accessible. You could visit someone’s public Twitter profile and tap to view their Fleets even if you don’t follow them. But their Fleet won’t circulate Twitter’s network, show up in Search or Moments, and it can’t be embedded on an external website.

it’s getting to the point:

What do we post on what?????

do we post stories on ig and then different ones on twitter?
do we let our folks still on snap get some love?
do we upload videos on tik tok and share them to all our stories?
will pinterest be next to add stories?

it’s like a full time job with all these damn social media platforms.
i guess one thing is for certain…

The freak twitters will have some amazing stories

twitter is the best place to get good amateur porn these days.
my horniness thanks some of my foxholers for their “likes“.
i guess i’ll look forward to that,
but i’ll keep on posting stories on the foxhole ig.
watch me say this and get wrapped up in fleeting.

low-key: it’s funny seeing people with a lot of social media platforms with stories.
ig is their main story feed,
but other accounts add a story so they don’t feel left out.

article cc: techcrunch

10 thoughts on “twitter wants you to “fleet” with them

  1. I’ve watched til Tok grow into a “thing.” They used to be up here at the University driving around in a Tik Tok van. I was telling myself that no one would ever join some crap like that but I was wrong. It is basically Vibe with a different name..

    Also, at one point I was an internet marketing king. I had a simple app that would automatically post to all my social media accounts. It would also automatically thank any new followers, and save any posts to drive. Handy little thing but until I get back into the groove later this year with advertising, I’ve put it on hold to worry about vacations.

    My favorite Twitter would definitely have to be Wendy’s. I love how they be reading Burger King and Chick-fil-A.

  2. Try konjac. Leaves a feeling of relieved fulfillment in your ass after each shit.

  3. However I won’t be surprise when Snapchat starts charging with a lot of freak snaps charging for premium snaps. Some have gone up to $15+. Difference between a premium snap and onlyfans connectpal, the content disappears after 24 hours but you can tell you screenshot your content or who screen recording.

    1. You can tell who screenshots and screen records. This damn autocorrect

      1. You can post anything you want, snapchat lets you add a feed to only people you want to see it. People took that and started charging people to see their feed. They post sex, solos or whatever freaky shit they into and yes its like onlyfans

  4. Some people have an app to post on all of their social media accounts at the same time. You can post your snap to twitter, IG, Facebook with the touch of a finger by pressing send.

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