twitter wants you to “fleet” with them

there is way too much social media platforms right now.
the main ones are:

tik tok

i feel like we are getting overloaded with all this social media.
the idea of posting something and it disappearing after 24 was innovative.
snap did it first,
but ig stole the idea and did it better.
since facebook and whatsapp are all in that conglomerate,
they both decided to do overkill with the stories too.
i was baffled when youtube decided to start doing stories as well.

how much fuckin’ apps need a story option?

well one of my favs,
decided to not be innovative because check what they’re doing next…

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“How To Avoid Shitty Situations”: The Complete Guide To A Clean Tail

…not if you’re part of the foxhole,
it shouldn’t ever be in a shitty situation.
i get a lot of emails asking how to have a clean and juicy tail for anal sex.
many are dl or vixens who never been penetrated before.
even if you’re just getting your tail munched on,
you need to always be set up right.
nothing worse than a buffet with shitty service.
the straight wolves could learn a thing or two.
so i came across some illustrations from “blind jaw” on tumblr.
deep dive into the following…
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mental homework: (14)

how is everyone’s sunday?
good i hope.
well i wanted to ya’ll to think of someone iceed left in:

Smelly Dick, Smelly Dick, What Are They Feeding You?

this is for the foxes out there.
it’s all the steps in keeping those butt cheeks clean and fresh.
you always want to present a juicy treat for your wolf.
this is what he said…

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