f0xmail: How Can I Clean My Foxhole Without Fleet Naturals?


Yo Jamari hope all is well.

So I have to ask a question about hygiene dealing with sex. Now im with you I haven’t had sex in a few years and ready to get my groove back soon. So since FLEET NATURALS are not being sold anymore. What should we use to clean us out if were going to get some soon and don’t have enough time because using laxative enemas all the time is not good on your body and plus i go on the regular so i don’t need that TMI lol?


and “not for straight eyes”…)

um ew…
stink-gifnaw juss playin lol

well congrats on you about to get some fresh pipe!
the hotter weather is on the way.
that means sex will be in the humidity.
i’m ready for it.

i’m disappointed to hear fleet naturals isn’t being made anymore.
i barely saw it on the shelves so i shouldn’t be surprised.
now before i get into this,
i will say this is a full disclaimer.

“i am NOT a physician so i cannot give you medical advice.
what works for me MAY NOT work for you.
use discretion and thoro research when trying anything.”

when i mess with a wolf,
i like to be hollow.
i don’t want him to go balls deep and then i start to seep.
chocolate-oif you get what i mean.
so if i know i’m gonna have sex,
and i’m not as regular as i should be,
i use this:

citroma_swan_10_oz…like a couple days before.
do not do this every time.
this is a super laxative and can dehydrate you.
also knock the whole night and half the morning off your schedule.
it cleans you out completely and can produce after shocks.

if you are regular,
then you should take an empty fleet bottle and put this inside:

glass-of-water…making sure its a little warm.
water is the safest enema of them all.
do it a few times until the water comes out clear.
you should be good to go after.
* star fox taught me to mix a little mineral oil in the water as well.
he said when he did,
a wolf said how his hole reminded him of a wet pussy.

tumblr_nfq5h6rS3x1sfkcrlo1_500his words.

finally use this:

Cottonelle_wipesi keep these stocked in my bathroom.
if you want your bunz licked,
you want to make sure they are edible.

tumblr_nlaymoQ5WE1tjos2mo1_250nothing worse than a highlighter that hasn’t run out of ink.
if you get what i mean.

a clean experience is a better experience.
your wolf should always have a premium experience within your walls.
or mouth.
whatever method you choose to make his toes curl.
good reviews on your hygiene only please!
hope this helps!

price list:

citroma – 2.00
cottonelle wipes – 5.00
warm water – free
a good nut – always

jamari fox

high key: if anyone has any other cleaning tips/methods,
put it in my box!

Author: jamari fox

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17 thoughts on “f0xmail: How Can I Clean My Foxhole Without Fleet Naturals?”

  1. O….kay lol. This was a lot lol. Learn something new everyday I guess. Foxes got it hard out here with all this work.

    The bad thing out of all this, is that y’all gotta watch what you eat lol. You can’t eat chili for lunch and clean out 2 hours later without knowing when they mess is going to try and come out lol. Wolf walk in the room, tummy start rumbling and shit lol. I’d be like “you good?” LOL

    I know some of you Foxes got accident stories, don’t be shy. Who tryin to be honest? LOL

    1. lol The Man you so crazy a bttm can clean out thoroughly and if they ate a heavy meal they still have to check themselves out one more time before actually having sex because sometimes when you clean out it can leave pockets of water inside and etc…i drink lots of water and juices which helps regulate your bowel movements. i’m no fitness guru but i do go regularly and i simply use the water when i clean out…also guys be careful not to clean out to often because it cause problems with your system such removing good bacteria that helps your immune system and also if you have heart problems don’t do it too often because it speeds up your heart rate at time…

  2. I’m dead with that gif with the girl on the floor ROFL!
    Good tips though, Jamari, helps a lot! Thanks 🙂

  3. I’m so here for this article, we foxes have to go thru hell and back for sex. Hell half the times after I been fleeting and eating barely anything for the big event my energy is drained.

    P.S. I love that mineral oil tip and will be doing it

  4. Half the battle is just having regular bowel movements so I recommend fiber supplements in addition to a fiber rich diet. Probiotics are an excellent investment too for digestive health.

    1. I concur JAY. It’s all about what you eat & a fiber rich diet is the key. Ever since I started drinking a glass of Metamucil before each meal; I’ve lost 20 lbs and I’m much cleaner; barely any residual after evacuating. A WIN-WIN!!! P.S. Regular cardio and squats included.

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