mental homework: (14)

how is everyone’s sunday?
good i hope.
well i wanted to ya’ll to think of someone iceed left in:

Smelly Dick, Smelly Dick, What Are They Feeding You?

this is for the foxes out there.
it’s all the steps in keeping those butt cheeks clean and fresh.
you always want to present a juicy treat for your wolf.
this is what he said…


Two words: Fleet Naturals

Waterpik showerheads ($11) for those hard to reach places for those who don’t go inside. Have a seperate soap for your ass, something natural. No harsh chemical. Your asshole will be on fiya!

Try coconut oil all over the body.

Drugstore dot com and Amazon for are your discreet friends.

Also Cottonelle flushable wipes unscented or with aloe works well too in between bathing.

Toilet paper is mostly for decoration.

Way too many people don’t know how or was never taught how to clean their asses in general.

Forgot to add one more thing that will get a nasty bastard chopped: Toe nail fungus!

Toes looking like vomit and fish scales and smelling like death.

Hell naw.

fleet naturals: link
waterpik showerhead: link
cocoa butter soap for your cheeks:
cottonelle flushable aloe wipes:
toilet paper for guests
cocoa butter oil:
coconut oil: / link

now go forth foxes and keep those butt cheeks tight and fresh!

2 thoughts on “mental homework: (14)

  1. LOL@the gif.

    I know the fellow Wolves feel me on this. If I were a Fox, I think I would have the worst ass Hygiene ever. I wouldn’t be able to do all that. That is a lot of work. I still do not know how y’all can do all that. I guess it’s worth it when you want that pipe lol. I might would have to take an ass etiquette class or some shit.

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