When Giving A Blessing Gets You 22,000 Likes

i love when i hear about those doing nice things.
it makes me feel like there is still compassion left in the world.
well this cashier,
by the name of sharnique dasant,
at walmart did something nice for a customer.
  she paid the customer’s entire grocery bill with her credit card.
peep why it happened via yahoo news
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Night On The Prowl With Work Wolf

tumblr_m6s7pzzuFB1rszxuao1_500work wolf asked me if i wanted to chill tonight.
i was a little tired and moody from work,
but i said:


he wanted to go shopping and wanted me to tag along…
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Spent The Day With Work Wolf (Sex Talk and Shopping Sprees)

white_wolf_in_forest-5705i was so late today to meet work wolf.
we hung out again.
i guess today was a two part saga.
one that was pretty revealing compared to last night…
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All Signs Point To…

tumblr_lrb7yvT91q1qmyqfmo1_500last night was interesting.
oh and i’m off today.
my boss let me have a four day weekend for all my hard work.
um score?
anyway so back to the interesting that was last night.
work wolf and i…
yeah all signs are pointing to…
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Shopping and Dinner (Situation for 2)

tumblr_nk6qfcwMEs1tin3vho1_500i went shopping and was to taken to dinner tonight.
by who you may ask?
well in a twist i didn’t see coming:
the wolf i had a crush on at work.
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The Monster Within

2581818ec3f5d16ae831bf875158d415“the road to my happiness is paved in plastic.”
i just got home.
after that scene at the dog and pony show i call “my job” friday,
i decided to go and have some much retail therapy on saturday.
can i mention how every major store had sales today?
50 to 60% off.
lordt take me now!
i met up with one of my straight wolf friends who was going to be in soho.
i didn’t really spend too much.
he outdid me.
something about seeing the words,
“thank you”,
after my purchase is rung up makes me have an orgasm.
so we both decided to have lunch,
his treat,
and talk about some recent events that ended up bothering me…
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