The Monster Within

2581818ec3f5d16ae831bf875158d415“the road to my happiness is paved in plastic.”
i just got home.
after that scene at the dog and pony show i call “my job” friday,
i decided to go and have some much retail therapy on saturday.
can i mention how every major store had sales today?
50 to 60% off.
lordt take me now!
i met up with one of my straight wolf friends who was going to be in soho.
i didn’t really spend too much.
he outdid me.
something about seeing the words,
“thank you”,
after my purchase is rung up makes me have an orgasm.
so we both decided to have lunch,
his treat,
and talk about some recent events that ended up bothering me…

there is this straight wolf he introduced me to a while ago.
very popular.
on the scene heavy.
well he is,
or was,
dating this vixen who i met last weekend.
they been together for 2 years.
they both looked pretty happy together.
well looks can be pretty deceiving...

well last night,
my straight wolf friend had to go over to her spot.
she got her ass kicked by the wolf.
from the scene he described,
it was VERY bad.
her eye was swollen.
lip was busted.
massive lump on her head.
hair was pulled out.
why did this happen,
you ask?

well he was high on that coke,
while mixed with being drunk,
and blacked out.
apparently he just started swinging on her.
bashed her head into the wall.
dragged her by her hair all throughout the apartment.
he accused her of cheating on him.
he could have killed her.
i don’t know the worse part of the story.
  the fact he has been abusing her all 2 years,
or that he didn’t even know he did what he did last night.

Shocki couldn’t even eat my lunch.
that shit bothered me.
i played it off like,
“damn thats fucked up!”,
but inside i was cringing.
i felt so sorry for her.
i also date wolves and that is one of my biggest fears.
i could deal with cheating,
as i’ll throw your shit out,
but to be abused?
the drugs these pineapples are on these days are so powerful,
they black out and don’t even what know they doing.

i don’t know her that well,
but i send my prayers to her.
while my home wolf was over it pretty quick,
i couldn’t stop thinking about what he told me.
we all want someone we are attracted to in our lives.
its even better when they are sexy as hell.
on paper,
they look great.
in real life,
they may have issues.
some are low key crazy and we don’t even know it.
sometimes there is a big bad jackal lurking behind pretty fur.
a coke snortin’,
on that lean,
swagged out monster waiting to reveal himself.
Scary-Gif-12well as long as he takes his shirt off,
as i’m sure her wolf has done any times,
that means he passed every test.
its not until its too late,
when he randomly starts punching your lights out,
that we find out that sexy don’t mean “outstanding person”.

listen we all have flaws.
none of us are perfect.
even if social media makes potentials out to be a saints,
we should keep in the mind there maybe a monster lurking deep within.
it isn’t until his insecurities flare up that we find out the hard way.
even these sexy wolves you see shirtless on instagram are insecure as hell.
so i had to wonder…

Is it always easy to spot “the monster” within someone?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “The Monster Within”

  1. I have an idea when a person is suspect. There are usually signs when a person tends to be abusive, but people refuse to see it. When the first argument between two people happens, usually the abuser is snappy and a little hostile than the other person. I ain’t foolin with no one who is abusive because I will murder that ass, and I’m not talking about the booty either. I’ll just have to be in prison.

      1. Yea, women physically abuse men more often than what people think. Now when it comes to our lifestyle, I’m not sure if Foxes are out in these streets beating up Wolves. It ain’t happening to me tho.

  2. That have been one of my fears as well. I feel bad, but I’m sorry to say this but she’s asking for it. I understand 1 or 2 times okay naive, but more than that you are asking for it. I have no sympathy for you if you’re 10 ft under because you have the power to remove yourself from that situation.

      1. To now have a breaking point that is stupid. So having a black eye, bruises, and possibly broken bones wasn’t obvious signs to leave ASAP. I’m telling you I like a good dick and a nice body, but it not enough to make me stay in an abusive relationship.

  3. Everyone says they know the signs but when we’re feeling someone we typically wear those “rose colored glasses” and they have you so gone you don’t even see the signs.

    We’re so busy looking at these people as fantasies we don’t see what they really are.

    I do know drugs outside of marijuana are a dealbreaker for me. I have to see how they are when they smoke weed or drink alcohol because those could be a no go for me as well. Some people are chill when they smoke and drink and some people get reckless.

    People that do drugs or drink a lot are typically trying to self medicate for some reason.

    I’m really surprised at how common cocaine is becoming though.

    I remember hitting a bottom from the bottom and he just started doing a line right in the middle of it. Shocked the hell out of me.

  4. At some point in any relationship (friendship or otherwise) someone always reveal “the monster”. We usually overlook or downplay the episode as some random blowup. Oftentime we’re so invested in the idea of a friendship or relationship that we miss the red flags and sirens until we’re locked inside a closet praying real hard that he/she dont kill us.

  5. Sad part is a lot of people are afraid to be alone, or to start over once they feel they invested some type of time and what not into it. Then they become blind to the signs because they feel it will get better with time. Ummm no time doesn’t heal getting abused, or anything of that nature. Im not with it. if we together 8 years and you start abusing me its a wrap. I rather go out and find love again and start over knowing Im alive, rather then stay because its been some time invested and you may love that person but by then its too late.

  6. and he was blacking out… thats even more dangerous. He needs help quick because it can be anybody not just her.

  7. I’m sorry to hear that. That is some scary shit because it comes from the nowhere the first time. I’m praying for your friend I hope she doesn’t take him back.

  8. If I know a person is messing with drugs, I limit my interaction with them. If they are close to me, I try to help them…but that usually doesn’t go well. As we all know, the drug takes precedent. As for the abusive aspect, that is something I can’t deal with. We know that people have a tendency to try and “push our buttons” to see the reaction that they can get out of us, but I usually walk away or totally remove myself from the situation. My ex-girlfriend was good for that towards the end of our relationship. Very confrontational and in-your-face.
    There was a Cuban dude that I dated, my mechanic, who hid his abusive ways VERY well. His brother tried to warn me not to get involved with him, but I thought he was kidding. I should have caught on after the first display of his explosive temper, but I didn’t. It wasn’t until he grabbed my arm after I tried to leave once that I realized he was a Jekyll & Hyde type. That was enough for me. Time to bounce. You only need to put your hands on me once in order for me to recognize the futility of furthering that relationship. That mofo stalked me for about three months afterwards, trying his best to intimidate me.

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