how (not) to speak to your 13 year old gay kid

The following is reading MA
Trigger warning, Language

some people are baffled why folks remain in the closet.
some of our parents made us that way tbh.
with parents like the following demon

Why would a child feel comfortable living their truth?

a foxholer sent me the following videos and so i’m grossed out.
it was a she-jackal of a mother finding out her 13-year-old is gay

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we got some good news, but some potentially bad news, about young tyler

like @gayemagazine,
the foxhole has been following this story of tyler,
a young male who was tormented by his family for being gay.
( x see original entry here )
it seems they’ve removed him from the abusive home…

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something wicked is happening next door

you never know what other folks are really going through next door.
by next to you,
i mean the people we are close with.
we often act self absorbed like:

“Why aren’t they reaching out to me?”
“Why are they ignoring my calls/texts?”

don’t get me wrong,
some folks are out here moving real funny.
be having some real shit going on.
a friend of mine taught me this yesterday…

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the male porn star who was getting abused by his ex-wife

i literally just watched blkkfrost aka miamii laflare getting banged by his wife last night.
don’t ask me why i randomly watched him getting strapped.
this morning,
the foxhole was blowing up my dms with the latest about him.
so we never font too much about males getting abused.
we have fonted about gay males but never about straight males.
vixens can be abusive to straight males.
in a leaked video circulating on twitter,
blkkfrost was allegedly getting abused by his ex-wife and well…

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Janet Jackson: The Abused Queen?

you see these couples flexing on ig and think:

that looks absolutely perfect.
i wish i could be like them.”

no you don’t.
little do you know,
there is a whole story going on in the background.
janet jackson and wissam al mana are allegedly “that couple”.
there was some alleged some heavy shit going on in their background.
now that it’s over,
janet has been caught crying during her “state of the world” tour.
tmz tells us why…
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The Monster Within

2581818ec3f5d16ae831bf875158d415“the road to my happiness is paved in plastic.”
i just got home.
after that scene at the dog and pony show i call “my job” friday,
i decided to go and have some much retail therapy on saturday.
can i mention how every major store had sales today?
50 to 60% off.
lordt take me now!
i met up with one of my straight wolf friends who was going to be in soho.
i didn’t really spend too much.
he outdid me.
something about seeing the words,
“thank you”,
after my purchase is rung up makes me have an orgasm.
so we both decided to have lunch,
his treat,
and talk about some recent events that ended up bothering me…
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