they made this little boy straight by embarrassing him on ig live and shaving “gay” in his head

^this image is heartbreaking.
his body language broke me.

almost a day before juneteenth and i gotta font about black & ignorant straights.
how fun!
as much as we want to celebrate our freedom on june 19th,
many of us are still wrapped up in the chains of slavery.

sidebar: they are throwing mad parties in NY for juneteenth,
but only vax’d people can attend.
talk about segregation?

so a foxholer sent me a story and video that really disturbed my spirit.
it was a young boy named tyler being harassed by his mother and family for being gay.
they went as far as to put it on ig live and shave the words “gay” in his hair.
this is what was reported on “gaye magazine“…


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what would possess that bitch to do this?
i bet she wouldn’t do that to her ain’t shit baby father about child support.
shave in his head “dead beat daddy” for the forests to see.

no cap,
many of us faced this kind of abuse the moment we did anything feminine.
you know boys can’t do anything “feminine” like cry or show emotion.
we might not have gotten a shaved head,
but we did get slapped or beaten.
God forbid you did anything “gay” in public.
some of us have been embarrassed in front of people as little ones.
you know some aunts and uncles can be real cheeky.
it’s typical abuse that causes generational curses to carry around within us all.

i pray they can get tyler out of that jackal’s den.
i hope that those demons are all arrested and thrown in prison.
may their karma be as horrid as they instilled in and on that boy.
it’s amazing how some black straights cry about injustice but LOVE doing it to others,
especially black gays and trans.
hurt people definitely hurt people.

lowkey: isn’t this kind of treatment what they use to do to black slaves?

update: talk about making a future dl male full of shame in the future…


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8 thoughts on “they made this little boy straight by embarrassing him on ig live and shaving “gay” in his head”

  1. Stuff like this is one of the reasons children go missing. Dumb asses keep doing these humiliation rituals for views, but the moment the children run away from home and go missing they feel bad and sorry talking about “my baby”.

    I hope someone reaches out to that boy and save him from such toxic environment. His childhood is already compromised.

  2. Wouldn’t this be child abuse?! Social services need to get this boy away from them before worst things happen furthermore.

  3. I didn’t watch the video, a poor excuse for a mother! She’ll need this child one day. I would love to see how the grime reaper comes to collect.

  4. I simply have no words. 2021 and this type of shit still going on smfh. The fact that they think this is teaching him a “lesson” or that he even needs to be taught a “lesson” is disturbing as all fuck. Glad that the kid is still continuing to be himself as he fucking should 🌈 Also it would appear that this is not the first time he’s being taught a “lesson” based off what his demonic mother was saying. Extremely horrifying. I can’t even imagine.

  5. This type of shit makes my blood boil….Whomever the woman is…..That BITCH is a poor excuse of a mother….she’s not a mother….that is just too good for her….And as for the guy who’s punching and slapping that child…I hope they put his azz somewhere where he’s being done the same way…hang that muthafucka by his fuckin teeth!!!! Give both of them funky azz fuckaz jail time!!! I’m sorry for my language, but I’m so heated 😤😡😡😡😡😡😠😠😠😠😠😠

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