how (not) to speak to your 13 year old gay kid

The following is reading MA
Trigger warning, Language

some people are baffled why folks remain in the closet.
some of our parents made us that way tbh.
with parents like the following demon

Why would a child feel comfortable living their truth?

a foxholer sent me the following videos and so i’m grossed out.
it was a she-jackal of a mother finding out her 13-year-old is gay

the person recording wasn’t with it so they decided to confront her.


as trump would say:

she sounds like the typical stereotype.
something that had no business having a kid.
i have no words to drag her.
i’m absolutely disgusted by her behavior but i’m praying for her kid.
i think people need to understand something:

and Cussin’ won’t take the gay out of your child.

instead of protecting the kid,
you decided to ruin their self-worth about being gay.
instead of creating a safe place at home,
they’ll scare their kid into being straight and move on the dl.
idiot parents
they have done their part in helping create the very thing they hated.

lowkey: i bet that rambunctious cunt sits up at church every sunday too.

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3 thoughts on “how (not) to speak to your 13 year old gay kid”

  1. Sad asf 😥, I see how this plays out on the day to day. I swear it’s worst in the black community!

  2. I’m just so disgusted just hearing this!!!! I’ve said this before….Some parents will allow their child to do any and everything out in the world,but once they comes out as Gay…..all hell done broke loose…. especially the sons….That verbal and mental abuse towards that child!!!

  3. I’m so so proud of him for his courage and strength to stand strong in the face of the devil at 13 wow. He knows it’s not him who is damaged but her. God is love and love is not physical and verbal abuse of a 13 year old child. How dare she declair what God made genitals for while using her mouth and hands, which he also created, for distruction.

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