Janet Jackson: The Abused Queen?

you see these couples flexing on ig and think:

that looks absolutely perfect.
i wish i could be like them.”

no you don’t.
little do you know,
there is a whole story going on in the background.
janet jackson and wissam al mana are allegedly “that couple”.
there was some alleged some heavy shit going on in their background.
now that it’s over,
janet has been caught crying during her “state of the world” tour.
tmz tells us why…

Janet Jackson was verbally abused by her estranged husband, Wissam Al Mana, particularly while she was pregnant with their son … this according to Janet’s older brother, Randy Jackson. 

Randy claims Wissam called Janet a “bitch” every day while she was expecting. Randy added, “It came on later in the relationship, verbal abuse and being [made to feel like] a prisoner in her own home.” 

He went on to tell PEOPLE Janet’s been breaking down into tears backstage during her recently resumed world tour … because “the abuse is still going on” through harassment related to the custody battle over Eissa.

Wissam’s attorneys said they would not dignify the hurtful allegations with a response.

her friend and creative director for the tour,
is also lowkey confirming the story on his twitter:

“they always looked so happy!”

i thought so too.
i would never would have believed that was happening bts.
ya know,
janet seems to always pick the wrong wolves.
she has had some bad break ups over the years.
like most,
she also “becomes who she is dating” as well.
janet became a whole “muslim” for this alleged jackal.
this recent one involves a newborn cub.
i hope they can work this out to co-parent.
who am i kidding?
this looks like potential mess for queen j.

this is why you can’t always believe smiles in pictures/videos.
we all put on a good front to fool the world.

lowkey: mariah
the list goes on and on and on…

Why do most of the “strong” divas have the worst luck in relationships?

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Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “Janet Jackson: The Abused Queen?”

    1. Then he lost position in the business and she was gone. I call bullshit on this story. Seems like a ploy to sell her comback!!!

  1. I’m sorry but why do we automatically believe all this.
    This negative assumption that all or most Arab men are controlling is toxic AF. Just as bad as all the negative stereotypes ascribed to black folks
    As much as this could possibly be true
    Let’s not forget that there is a viscous custody battle going on behind the scenes and Team Janet has everything to gain from directing the public’s sentiments in her favour.
    After all, the Average American has negative preconceptions of Arabs and Arab men.

    1. Arabic women are expected to be submissive. “To be seen, covered up…and not heard”
      It’s a truth, not a stereotype.

  2. In this instance I believe it. Janet completely changed from the way she dressed and behaved. You could see it in her shows which were toned down and didn’t seem like the Janet we know and love. Now that she’s divorced you can see that she’s going to back to being more open, sexual and free.

    Some of y’all want to talk about stereotyping but there’s no getting around the fact that Muslim men in the Middle East are incredibly controlling and even violent towards women. They literally just gave women the right to vote in Saudi Arabia, and they’re not even allowed to drive, open a bank account without their Husband’s permission, wear clothes or makeup that “shows off their beauty,” interact with men, compete freely in sports or even try on clothes when shopping

    1. KJD,

      Have you been to the Middle East? If not, then you should hold your judgement, because I have been their and met some nice people, including gays ones too that did not match the stereotype. Also, while you are claiming what the Arab nations are not doing – America has a long list of things that they are doing wrong as well. Instead of projecting what you hear in the Mass media visit the countries yourself or talk to natives online to get facts about a country.

  3. Okay, so what I got from these comments, I can say that yeah Janet did change, but the question is, is it for better or worse? Also, Janet’s team did report saying that the tickets were refunded, so I don’t know why everyone in their right mind would even try to stone Janet for that. Then again, why be messy with this tour though? Anywho, the question was Why do most of the “strong” divas have the worst luck in relationships? Because of their status as “diva.” It’s like once we give them the gas, they would light it up on fire with their theatrics on stage and off stage.

    That’s why some divas, (Beyonce, Janet, Britney, Ciara, etc.) would go to the studio and write songs about domestic abuse and the like for the sake of talking to us since we’re their therapists. We as fans/stans would be their support through thick and thin, and that is why Janet is crying like she is because of that. The love is so real between her and her fanbase. The same with Beyonce, the same for any music diva.

  4. Jamari please don’t believe the foolishness that some of these commenters wrote. I believe Randy, Janet changed who she was when she married him which was in 2012. She had stop performing for the rest of 2012 all the way through 2015, when she did the Unbreakable tour. She made her return at the BET Awards 2015, prior to that she just did fashion show appearances and little appearances around in London with her husband and Janet was always dressed down covering her body. So basically their whole marriage she was just his wife, she gave up that Janet Jackson performer life. I find it very odd when she was on tour she stopped it and got pregnant which I am happy she has her baby now, but to me that was just off. She could of had a baby in 2013 or 2014, and by the way I don’t think that was Janet decision. I feel Wissiam had control over her, and when she got pregnant she gained a lot of weight and he probably just didn’t want her anymore. I am so glad Janet got herself back together, and being Janet. I feel she just needs to take a break from men, or find a man who is going to love her for her. For the naysayers, go and look at pictures of Janet and Wissiam and see who was always smiling and who was frowning or look disinterested. Oh and for the record Janet is not using this to sell tickets, her Houston and Austin show sold out before Randy went public with this information.

  5. I’m with @Eric on this one. Something’s up and it’s not a good look for Wissam, regardless of his faith. Randy was the one who rescued LaToya when her abusive husband had gone too far. Randy is the one who got a lawyer/legal team in Tom Messereau that provided a solid defense in his legal issues. Now, could TeamJanet be leveraging public perception? Absolutely. Any legal team worth half of their salt would do the same. Meanwhile, there are – most importantly – hurting souls in the process.

  6. i doubt it has anything to do with “strong” divas. when we get into relationships in general, we first meet the best in people. When the hype settles, the inevitable truth rises. People are hurt, and in turn hurt others. I think all couples go through it. Just in different magnitudes. Billionaire status and normal status kinda have different repercussions. Emotions and power are a bad combo.

  7. I love my girlz Mary J. & Janet. Strong women. I’ve seen Mary really break down into to tears only once or twice. Janet, I can say, even after Michael’s death, Ive never seen her cry, but to see her cry right here…..wow! Much love to you Janet!

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