He Raped (Mi)

mi has issues.
i told ya’ll this in that last entry.
i was so disturbed with the news i heard today.
my day was ruined because of it.
i know.

“why would you allow your day to be ruined?”

i guess i accepted reality today.
the reality is this is how shit really is.
this is how mi really is.
so i spoke with my aunt today.
well first…

i had a dream about mi the other night.
the details of the dream are fuzzy,
but she was in trouble.
it stuck with me ever since.
i wanted to call to see how she was doing in florida,
especially with hurricane irma,
but i couldn’t.
physically couldn’t.
so i texted my aunt to find out what was going on.
our cousin washed her paws of mi,
so she told me to call our aunt and she will give more details.
what she told me…

so she said that mi blew up her phone at 7am a few nights ago.
they weren’t speaking.
before mi came to my spot,
she stayed over there for a little bit.
mi told me all these things our aunt did to her.
she painted her in this negative light.
that is a foreshadow.
hang on.
so she tells me how mi tells her…

“i was raped.
they put me in here falsely.
call the police.”

now our aunt is older and sick.
even though mi burned her bridges,
she still loves her.
she has been sending mi money to help her.
mi told her that she was raped by this wolf “that was helping her”.
he is married and bought her things.
so our aunt asked to speak to the nurses at the facility.

from our records,
mi was not raped.
she was sent her because she was acting crazy at the shelter.
whatever drugs she used made her cause a scene.”

so mi is back on drugs?
she told me she wasn’t smoking anymore.

when our aunt spoke back to mi,
you know what mi told her?

“i lied about being raped.
i wanted you to get me out of here.
we had sex and it was rough.
it felt like rape.”

i could not believe what i was hearing.
what bothered me the most is this isn’t the first time mi accused someone wrongly,
especially when it came to something sexual.
i had to wonder if she lied the first time?
that was my cue to have a real talk with my aunt.
after my parent’s death,
i separated myself from at that side of the family.
they are hood af,
drug/alcohol abuse,
and just full of drama.
we are now speaking years later because of mi.
only because of mi.

everything mi has told me has been a lie.
mi has manipulated all of us.
she has slandered us to play the victim in hopes of catching sympathy.
that’s why she didn’t call me during this pysch stint.
she knows i’m over her shit and she can’t manipulate me anymore.
mi spit on our aunt,
in her own den,
after being told not to bring pineapples into her home anymore.
all mi wanted to do was do her hair,
flex on social media,
and fuck with “ain’t shit” pineapples.
she dead ass asked my aunt to call some pineapple to fly down to see her.
everything i complained about that she did at my crib,
she also did at my aunt’s spot.
mi even called the police and accused our aunt of assaulting her.
none of this was told to me before she got to my spot.
she told me for real alternative facts.
i don’t know WHY she helped her again.

it was all leads me to believe mi is really fuckin’ dangerous.
i don’t trust her.
apparently she is back in new yawk now.
she is back to hanging with her pack of jackals.
she is trying to be a stripper.
she wants to strip now.
so  this is why my day was ruined.
i called/texted a few folks i knew about this today.
most said:

“well what did you expect jamari?
why are you upset tho?”

it was like being in a movie and the bad guy was revealed.
the one who was trying to throw everyone off their scent.
she is legit fuckin‘ crazy.
she cannot be trusted and will never see the inside of my crib again.
she might not hear my voice because i’m dead set on blocking her.
i’m all prepared for that phone call to tell me she is dead tho.

Is it wrong to say that gives me some kind of peace?

the way she is going,
i don’t expect miracles.

lowkey: i am emotionally/mentally drained.
it took a lot to write this,
but i couldn’t wait to update you.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

18 thoughts on “He Raped (Mi)”

  1. Don’t even go to her funeral. Delete. Delete. Delete.

    Perhaps she came into your life so you can understand what a truly toxic person is.

  2. Pray for her! nothing is that far gone that GOD can’t turn around. She may be in a dark place but don’t fully turn your back on them. But don’t be easily fooled either. Its bad dealing with some ppl. Its not good for the progress you trying to make. Try doing everything you can for them while you can. Even if it was all in vain its not on your conscious! Drug addictition is a bad habit and many want to stop but can’t. She lost and need guidance. Its never to late to change! Keep lifting her up in PRAYER. One day you’ll see them come out.

    1. ^ill pray,
      but she needs to make the effort to change.
      i don’t think she wants too.
      she isn’t even taking her medication anymore.
      i gotta wonder if she was lying about that too.

    2. @Christian…true it is never too late for a person to change, but when you’ve fucked so many people over and burned bridges like that…who would WANT to give you a chance. She’s manipulative, and she has turned many family members against one another, which is fucked up in itself. J, if you do try to establish communication with her again (I say avoid her like the plague) tread VERY carefully. Keep your interactions limited. For real.

      Family or not, f they messed uo in the head….they will be that way. because it’s all they know. I got some f’d up family members too, and I have no interaction with them. You only get to burn me once and I’m done with you.

  3. Wow so sorry to hear this Jamari. If I understood you correctly, didn’t you say Mi is bipolar. Some people have mild bipolar with medication it’s controlled, but some have the other bipolar disease and without medication they cannot function as a normal human being. Self medicating with drugs makes it worse. I hope she gets the help she needs, and yes I think you have to block her out of your life Jamari. Also watch your back if she’s back in New York, she might try to come back and stay with you, or harm you if you tell her no she cannot stay with you.

      1. Stay away from her.She is capable of injuring herself and blaming her injuries on you.You now cops are going to believe a woman especially if she has injuries.

  4. I thought it was assumed by now she was probably giving your other family members hell before she came to live with you. I doubted that behavior just manifested with you and remember I told you she might be Bipolar.

    You do have to remember she does have a chemical imbalance though…like literally and her self medicating with street drugs only makes the problem worse.

    She has to go through it unfortunately. When I worked in the mental facility we would discharge clients her age and they would be dragged back in by police three days later high and back to square one.

    I don’t think we’re addressing mental health the way we should be as a nation, but that’s another story.

    I do think its better you speak life over her rather than death and hope she gets it together someday. Nothing wrong with loving her from a distance.

    1. ^thank you for this jay.
      i am glad you help educate me on this.
      the last time we spoke,
      she was doing good (or what I assumed was good).
      when she called me that day,
      she sounded different.
      it was a clue she was on something.

      they need to address mental health more.
      many people are suffering or doing things we all don’t understand.
      i think that’s why im shocked,
      while others are like “well duh”.

  5. I am so thankful you have this person out of your home. I also commend you for putting up the proper boundaries so she does not reenter your life in a major way. You have enough to deal with in life than Mi.

    I’m surprised that you are so surprised she is so messy and manipulative. But keep this in mind — Mi is living with a mental illness. My mother is bipolar and has learned to manage it but I know what it is like to live with a person who is not managing it well.

    Stay strong and keep living Mi from afar. Self-care is tantamount — you have to look after yourself above anyone else.

    Stay blessed!

    1. @immanuel22 This is off topic but I accidentally clicked on your name and ended up on your site.All I can say is WOW you have an interesting life.My life is boring AF in comparison and only read a few posts😂.I will read more when I have some time.I won’t post any comments because I don’t want to make the guys uncomfortable by seeing a woman posting.I remember some guys being uncomfortable when I first started posting here.Since your site is more sexually explicit my presence may be off putting ,so I will be a lurker.

      1. Wow I have read your comments on Jamari’s great blog for a long time and you always right things that are intelligent and well thought-out. Please feel free to leave comments on my blog. I have female followers as well. And it’s not all about sex. LoL

      2. Wow I have read your comments on Jamari’s great blog for a long time and you always write comments that are intelligent and well thought-out. Please feel free to leave comments on my blog. I have female followers as well. And it’s not all about sex. LOL

  6. What a series of events. Your cousin is really troubled, I am talking serious issues. Damn, like I really expected her to make a turn around at some point, but that does not seem likely. This is a situation where I would not be surprised if she were to die. People fail to realize how quickly their lives can spiral out of control if they are reckless. Mental health issues and drugs use do not go well together either, nothing positive can come out of it.

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