How Drunk Was Kenneka Jenkins?

so i guess we we were all wrong.
kenneka jenkins may not have been murdered.
she was drunk off her tail and stumbled,
into that hotel freezer.
the police released all the surveillance footage and well…

now i’ve been drunk before so i get it.
the wonder-less mind state you can be in.
i didn’t have a lot of energy to do anything tho.
i have a lot of “how” questions tho.

how her “friends” allowed her to wander off that far?
how she was able to get that far into the hotel?
how much drinks did she have?

we all might still have conspiracy theories,
but the footage paints an entirely different picture.
the “what we saw in the glasses” were just figments of our imaginations.
super sleuths,
we may not be.
sad way to go.
i heard the freezer wasn’t on so she must have suffocated to death.
the lessons i took from this is:

a) watch how “snow bunny/wolf wasted” you get
b) make sure you got the right friends around you

this could have been prevented.
rip to kenneka.

lowkey: i think she was more than drunk tho…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “How Drunk Was Kenneka Jenkins?”

  1. This is a tragic story and a STRONG reminder of watching out who you keep in your circle.
    A REAL friend would have spoken up by now.

  2. This whole story is confusing. Now they saying this isn’t even her in the footage because it’s covering up the fact what really happened I have no clue now It seems to me that the 4 videos release are only showing where she was drunk at not of where she wasn’t that be the missing pieces and it’still no footage of her going into the freezer when her sister said it was a camera right there I’ve been drunk more time in my life and ain never been able to walk no fucking where When you Drunk u Drunk Period Tipsy you can function as in able to do what she did or whomever is in this video but you wouldn’t go into fucking freezer Please let this truth see the light

  3. OMG from reading the comments it just paints a picture of our society today. People just will not believe the truth even if it shows that babygurk inside the freezer, they will still go with well…how do we know someone didn’t trap her?


    That poor baby did have the wrong friends around her but I have been terribly drunk before and just wandered off luckily my friends got ahold of me. This case is a mix of drugs and alcohol so she didn’t even know where she was going.

    It sucks and it’s extremely sad but everyone needs to let it go.

    I have an uncle who fell off the balcony when he was drunk. Do y’all wanna open a case about his death? Maybe someone pushed him? Suicide attempt? 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

    People get drunk and sometimes they die.

    THE END.

    1. Thank You
      I am so tired of this BS.
      “She was raped, That’s an actress in the video (who happens to be wearing the same outfit as her).They stole her organs”

      All this time and energy spent on this case.I say use some of that energy to investigate an unsolved murder in your community.

      Also use this unfortunate incident as a lesson to watch out for your friends.Everybody can’t party somebody has to be sober

  4. I think somebody put something in her drink like a date rape pill and she knew something wasnt right and was trying to find a safe place to hide before the date rape drugs really kicked in to avoid being sexually assaulted.

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