something wicked is happening next door

you never know what other folks are really going through next door.
by next to you,
i mean the people we are close with.
we often act self absorbed like:

“Why aren’t they reaching out to me?”
“Why are they ignoring my calls/texts?”

don’t get me wrong,
some folks are out here moving real funny.
be having some real shit going on.
a friend of mine taught me this yesterday…

i would always reach out,
but she would ignore my calls and texts.
i wasn’t a fan of her boyfriend,
but when she did come around,
she would always try to promote him when he was around.
if we didn’t say hi to him,
he would catch an attitude.

muthafucka you aint fuckin’ me.

well come to find out,
he was abusing her.
everytime they would leave,
he would beat her.
she would vanish because she would often get beaten up pretty badly.
as of right now,
they aren’t together and she finally found the strength to get the police involved.

it taught me that it isn’t always “me“.
it’s not about me.
that ego of ours often needs to be in check.
folks are out here depressed,
or being abused and we wouldn’t even know.
when i’m going through my depressions,
i often go into my shell as most cancers tend to do.
so i wanted to share this story for those who have someone that is suddenly distant.
you just never know what’s happening behind the scenes,
but you’ll find out once they’re ready.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

2 thoughts on “something wicked is happening next door”

  1. People hold on to stuff for a long time. My mom told me stuff about her husband last night that had me shook. It took decades to come clean. Sometimes people take that stuff to the grave. Many times they are afraid of being judged.

  2. Domestic violence reports are definitely on the rise since many states gave instituted these self-quarantines and shelter-in-place orders.

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