don’t start thinking dua lipa isn’t one the top pop vixens (now)

where TF have i been?
as of late,
i don’t want to listen to no “low vibrational” music.
most of the new r&b gals and wolves are depressing af.
i’ve been depressed,
but during social isolation,
i don’t want to go “there“.
i listened to sza the other day and i hated everyone.
so one of my fav foxholers told me who he was listening to.

Dua Lipa

dua lipa?”
i remembered her for this:

…and wrote her tf off.


a tiny bit.
i’ve been listening to her first album and she has been getting me through it.
pop music tends to be upbeat and can bring you out a funk.
her music,
even tho it has sad elements,
still has a vibe of “hopeful“.
the words can be sad,
but the melody and beat is saying “you’ll survive this and come out better“.
i had this one song of hers from her new album,
“future nostalgia”,
on repeat yesterday:

i was gonna do the weeknd’s new album,
but i’m not emotionally ready for him right now.
abel has always been super dark.
ima rock with dua and more pop for a little.

low-key: i noticed music from the past,
like motown and even the 90s,
had that vibe of hopeful even if it was sad.
this marvin gaye record i had on repeat as well:

4 thoughts on “don’t start thinking dua lipa isn’t one the top pop vixens (now)

  1. You have to check out Dinah Jane, former band member of Fifth Harmony. She’s got her own lane in R&B right now and her sound isn’t depressing like the others lol. She just released two promotional records, “Lottery” & “1501” and is releasing her highly anticipated single, “Missed A Spot” on April 3rd. It’s a song about pussy eating lmao. Check her out Jamari. I think you’ll like her body of work so far..

  2. i haven’t felt this way about a pop album in a minute. Ms Lipa came through and exceeded expectations. I hope she keeps it up.

  3. Perfect song for the wolves who have suddenly reappeared in these days of quarantine. I discovered her awhile ago and she is definitely worth checking out.

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