israel carreras did his last dance due to the rona

any cough,
or body ache and we start thinking we have the rona.
i’ve had a dry cough for the last few weeks and been in a constant panic.
bad enough that i need juice and other items,
but i’m so scared to leave my crib.
i don’t think many people took the rona seriously.
they thought it was some passing fancy.

this is some real shit and it’s getting worse

israel carreras attended the annual “white party” which is held in miami.
he ended up catching the rona and well…

Miami has reported its first COVID-19 related death, amid fears it could become the next coronavirus epicenter in the United States. 

Israel Carreras, 40, died in hospital Friday due to complications from the highly contagious virus he is believed to have caught at a dance party held on Miami Beach earlier this month. 

Carreras’ heartbroken partner, Franco Conquista, has paid tribute to his boyfriend in an interview with NBC, stating: ‘Everybody loved him. His personality just shined … [there was] just an aura around him’.

Carreras attended the Winter Party Festival between March 4 and 10, before coming down with a horrible cough

The party attracts thousands of people each year, who squeeze into close confines to enjoy house music. At least nine other attendees have also tested positive to COVID-19. 

On Saturday, a heartbroken Conquista told NBC that his boyfriend’s symptoms came on quickly.

‘It started with fever, and then very quickly he was having problems with breathing,’ he stated. 

Carreras was soon taken to hospital and tested for COVID-19. A positive result was returned this past Monday. 

‘He could not breathe, and then they put tubes in his nose and his mouth,’ Conquista recalled. 

‘He couldn’t even get the tubes out to eat. Because he couldn’t breathe’.

Due to the highly contagious nature of the virus, Conquista was unable to spend time with his boyfriend in person. 

‘We FaceTimed a few times, but it was just sign language because he couldn’t talk. He had tubes everywhere,’ Conquista stated. 

‘It’s like somebody sucks the will of wanting to live out of you,’ he said of the way the virus ravaged his partner’s body. 

he was a handsome guy who looked really healthy:

the fact this virus latches on you and takes you down so quick is horrifying.
it’s like the aids epidemic in the 80s.
i still see folks outside tho.
last night,
with just a bit of nice weather,
everyone was on my block congregating.
they didn’t even have masks or gloves on.
throw them away.
i think the rona is trying to do that.
rip to isreal.

article cc: daily mail

20 thoughts on “israel carreras did his last dance due to the rona

  1. RIP to this young man. However, as it was mentioned earlier, it is very important that we do not contribute to the narrative of some world ending virus that is wiping out a majority of the population. As fit as he was, he was immunocompromised. Without the proper precautions l, there is as good of chance that H1N1 or another strand of the flu could have gotten him ill. We do need to take the coronavirus serious, though, and follow the recommendations of the CDC.

  2. This is real and it’s life or death!
    I know dudes still hooking up on Jack’D and Grindr in NYC. Like are you serious smh. Corona doesn’t care if you are young- old, rich-poor or straight-gay.
    It will get you📌
    Is busting a nutt worth your life. Wake da fk up.
    Jerking off dolo can save your life! 💚

  3. Definitely sad, yet like others said, he may not have been that healthy really. Any type of lung complication could exacerbate covid19. So if you smoke (yes, that means weed too or vape), have/had bronchitis, emphysema, etc., it could affect you worse. Also hypertension (high blood pressure) is a risk factor.

    If you smoke, switch to edibles. And stop all these damn parties, congregating! Miami and Florida’s leaders (and Texas & a few others) have to take responsibility because by March we knew it was a real thing.

    1. The aids epidemic started in the and carried into the 90s.
      I suggest watching the documentary: how to survive a plague.

      1. Yo this is scary, now our generation is getting our version of that pandemic especially since we feel invisible with Discovy. This is an urgent wake up call. To be honest, I’m thinking did he have other complication that may have compromised his health, if so we our fucked!!! We may be planning a mass grave for thousands already as we speak is it invade our neighborhood and city abroad. Other guy who were at the party expressed similar symptoms.

    1. @Gucciblk20

      That’s my guess. He was HIV POSITIVE with a compromised immune system. It’s not uncommon to see muscle guys with nice bodies who are living with HIV. I just wish the media would inform the public of the underlying illness when they report on these stories instead of contributing to the mass hysteria.

      1. Why?—So that you can have another bolster in a false sense of security/superiority because you are “healthy” without any underlying conditions? We have already seen that it is affecting EVERYONE! I know vibrant, “healthy”, young, individuals personally who have died from COVID-19. Not that you need to know, but I happen to have “underlying conditions”, work in the aviation industry, and am negative. So no sir! Your HIV+ bullisht has no room here. Stay your a&% inside and stop separating the community! We already have enough of that!

  4. I have been reading about how bad the COVID 19 outbreak is in New Orleans.The rate of growth during the first two weeks of of known infections was the highest rate of growth in the world.They should have cancelled Mardi Gras.The mayor said the FBI and Homeland Security who work with the city on Mardi Gras did not raise any concerns.I think if we had a president who took this seriously back in February we would be in better shape as a country.

    I watched several new stories of family members who have lost their mother,sister,husband, COVID 19 .And they all talk about how they wish they could have been with them when they died.It’s so horrible when people have to die alone(without their loved ones holding their hand,comforting them 😢)

    BTW I started sneezing and took some cold medicine this evening, I don’t have a fever.I’m a nervous wreck I check my temp every day 😀.

  5. Healthy on the outside doesn’t mean healthy on the inside. A lot of men with his body type and job/ circuit lifestyle usually use performance enhancing drugs to help achieve their body type, but it comes with a negative price on your cardiovascular health. So his death could be a combo of c19 and his use. I don’t know his health though, so I’m just speculating.

    I agree that this is getting worse day by day, and the false sense of security that people like me have because we’re young and healthier is disappearing real fast. Especially when the healthcare system as a whole is at its limit. But stay safe and hopeful this will be over soon.

    1. Circuit parties are marathons fueled by sex and drugs. The guys at the end of them are worn out and run down; the last thing you want when fighting a virus.

  6. could not figure out how/where i saw this guy before.

    then i remembered he was on grindr in that same car posing. Surprised he was married


  7. After seeing this today, I know this shit is real so no more gay apps. Those developers need to shut it down!! I planned to go to Winter Fest, but thank god I didn’t get that vacation request. That party and the spring breakers on South Beach were just the recipe for disaster. It just goes to show you could be handsome, healthy one minute. The next you could be fighting for your life. Some how I know this would hit our community

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