you could be making people jealous of you and not realize it

it’s funny how you can activate a jealous spirit within people.
you don’t even realize you did it,
nor do you do it purposely,
but you can become the villain in their story very quickly.
i was talking to one of my good home-vixens about jobs today.
we worked together at a past job and i always admired her.
she was a force to be reckoned with and handled adversity so flawlessly.
she told me how jealousy at work actually works…

even though your boss is in charge,
when people gravitate to you,
and you end up being the “go-to” rather than those above you,
that can arouse a secret jealousy within them.
no one who is above wants their subordinate being the “star”.
she learned that people above her didn’t like how bright she shined.

when we hung up,
it made me think about my last job.
everyone always said that my bosses were jealous of the attention i got.
they hated that i was the one people chose over them.
no one fucked with them,
but they confided in me really heavy.

Did I sabotage myself because of someone else’s insecurities?

i don’t necessarily do anything but be myself.
i’ve noticed that can be a huge issue for some.
i’m not the show boat or try to be “the star”.
God forbid a wolf shows more interest in me over another:

people are just naturally drawn to me.
from what i’m seeing,
that created a lot of silent enemies in my past jobs.
so i had to wonder…

How do you mute your own colors to avoid creating jealousy?

with all these “rules” of catering to other’s egos,
i could as well find a remote job.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

5 thoughts on “you could be making people jealous of you and not realize it”

  1. I felt ALLA this. There’s a few ppl at my job that constantly brag about having this and that and other supercial shit but let me walk in with a regular cut or different pair of jeans, I get heavy eye rolls or seen as being extra Smh

  2. same here, my job use to praise me on being this jovial spirit who everyone loved to talk to and with that being said since they thought I was such an asset and all these other great things I made the mistake of letting them know where we could improve in certain areas that raises the morale of the workers so we can all be jovial Chile before I knew it they jacked up my schedule, stop saying hello, and even had the nerve to create an impromptu boot camp class for myself and several others to work on our customer service which has never been an issue for me so much so they have personally written me emails to let me know what a fantastic job I was doing. Smh before I knew it I was as miserable as everyone else and I stopped caring. I had to turn down my nature to please them to stay in their good graces. NEVER will I ever be pressured into tuning down my star power to please these folks so don’t do it Chile cause you gone end up pissed when you realize it didn’t even matter once they minds made up about you THAT’S IT!

    sidebar: a lot white gays that came into my job HATED me they would get nasty with me, treat me like crap, and ONLY white gays ever went to customer service and complained after I gave them back the same attitude they gave me and would even lie about the interaction telling them how they want me fired. I was always shook one man even had the nerve to say “and I’m not discriminating against him cause I have a husband” so it the black thing if it’s not the gay thing bothering you??

    1. Sometimes it can be the opposite, which I’ve noticed a lot. People can have more experience and education than you and still be upset because you are better at your job than them. You hate to see it.

  3. Heyyyyyy Jamari….really, really enjoy your site!
    The majority of us are home…bored..gettin big..and beatin the monkey several times a day.
    We need you to put out MORE CONTENT! …per day!…..ohhhhh the days of work wolf stories and your crazy days at work and links to wolves smashin.

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