Look At “GodT”: Tremaine at the ’15 Bet Honors

treysongzbethonors^that is trey songz at the 2015 bet honors.
he was there to honor usher.
i hear he even sung “nice and slow”.
i’m sure thats going to be interesting.
this was also interesting

tumblr_inline_nipqts1CEd1qf5bv62rnik3o^this looks very “earth wind and fire”.
…or is that just me?
it looks like that contraption is holding up those juicy pecs he got.
well one of them…
where is the other side?
okay i’m confused again.
tremaine whats happening here?

lowkey: can we agree that tremaine can wear a suit:

tumblr_ninkevp5Vw1qbw767o1_500look at godT.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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