erick adame been out here giving weather reports and cam shows since mid 10s?

in my head and totally my thoughts but…

Did Erick Adame want to get caught?

he left a lot of footsteps on the sex work cam/cum trail.
he has gained many supporters for the idea his sex work was private.
 the desk is reporting that this isn’t his first rodeo on the sex cam sites.
he has been doing this since adele released “hello”.
a foxholer sent me this recent update from the desk and…

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Do You Want To See “The Perfect Match”?


so another black rom com is on the way.
it’s called ” the perfect match”.
it stars:

terrence j
paula patton

dayanara from #oitnb
that fine wolf from “hit the floor”
new new
and french montana…

its an interesting cast brought together by queen latifah.
billie woodruff is the wolf behind the lens.
here is the trailer…
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The Foxhole: 2015 Year In Review

Screen Shot 2015-12-29 at 7.26.04 PMyou know what time it is!
its time when the foxhole gets its year in review.
well guys…
this is what the foxhole did this year.
lets get into views
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Are You Having A Merry Foxholey Christmas?


merry christmas!
i hope you got everything you wished for.
you always give me everything i asked for with your support.
thank you!

love always,
jamari fox

lowkey: i’m nosy.
what did you get this year for ’15 christmas?

picture credited: codibear

Look At The Flowers

9195888258_c1cf840ffd_bi opened up my door today and stopped to look at my lawn.
all of my flowers were dead.
the grass was a lovely shade of brown.
how could i be shocked?
i spent all year watering the gardens of others.
some appreciated it.
others slammed the door in my face after all the hard work.
how could i be mad that my own looked the way it did?
that was my fault.
i didn’t tend to what was really important.
my “2015” was all about chasing pavements.
ones that didn’t lead to anything really.
i had fun.
i would be a liar if i said that i didn’t.
 now its time to be a bit more selfish with my water hose.

How Was Your Black Friday?

tumblr_luti571V0o1qj3tu8i thought about getting up for “black friday”.
i wanted some new threads,
a pair of wheat timbz,
and “call of duty: black ops”.
jamari fox been in bed all day.
i been making up for all my lost rest of 2015.
i also remembered scenes like this could happen…
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