Look At The Flowers

9195888258_c1cf840ffd_bi opened up my door today and stopped to look at my lawn.
all of my flowers were dead.
the grass was a lovely shade of brown.
how could i be shocked?
i spent all year watering the gardens of others.
some appreciated it.
others slammed the door in my face after all the hard work.
how could i be mad that my own looked the way it did?
that was my fault.
i didn’t tend to what was really important.
my “2015” was all about chasing pavements.
ones that didn’t lead to anything really.
i had fun.
i would be a liar if i said that i didn’t.
 now its time to be a bit more selfish with my water hose.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “Look At The Flowers”

  1. Amen! be a little selfish and also more loving to yourself. Remember you deserve great not mediocre but also know when greatness is camouflaged. May 2016 bring you prosperity, growth, success and the love you seek.

  2. At least you had some fun which is your silver lining. Just like a dead flower o crispy flower (as I call it) that have a wonderful fragrance.

  3. Jamari…I’m loving your commentary lately. There’s a change. A good one. This is written like a poetic masterpiece. Keep your head up man. Things will get better. It seems that I’m in the same place you are. I spend most of my time helping other people who wouldn’t do the same for me. The saying goes, “Stop crossing oceans for people who wouldn’t jump a pond for you.” Be well. Happy Holidays J.

    1. ^im coming back out the darkness x.
      im still struggling mentally,
      but im starting to remember just who i was again.
      it was almost like I was under a spell.
      it broke on the 23rd.

  4. I am also going to water my own garden and not worry about others, garden let them tend to their own lawn next year it is all about me,and I am spending that year doing me and only me, God gets the praise.

  5. Keep up with this outlook and you’ll have some banging roses in your garden come springtime.

    P.S. As soon I as I got done reading this post it reminded me of an analogy Tyler Perry did in his Madea goes to jail play about roots to a tree and how it applies to people in life. If you haven’t already seen It before I recommend checking it out. It has helped me out a lot.

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