My Comment on The Comments read every comment.
i’ll have to be real

i expected comments to be disrespectful.
i guess thats where i go wrong in life.
every comment had gems in them.
things i needed to hear.
many things i was scared to read.
i saw where i went wrong,
shiiiiiiittttt swerved off the road,
but i also saw where he did as well.
i went to bed with a lot of thoughts on my mind.
the sun definitely went down on my wrath.
i woke up feeling different tho.
like a weight was lifted off my shoulders.

i’m actually glad this all happened.
i asked for it and the universe delivered.
i wasn’t specific in my wants and desires.
will be working on that.
i’m grateful to have gone through this because i never have before.
experience is the greatest teacher.

i need to take this time out to make 2016 my year.
i feel something really big is going to happen.
it could be my rise.
hell it could be when i die.
my foxy senses wants me to be prepared for something.
something “big”.
from now on,
i will keep the “work wolf saga” off the foxhole.
its time.
great run,
but honestly,
i’m over talking about it.
hell i’m sure you’re over reading it.
plus those “tyler perry” comments were just mean!
plain ol mean!

seriously tho,
its time for new beginnings elsewhere anyway.
i’ll think of my life now,
on 12/23/15,


i want to thank everyone for being patient with me.
i’m still a work in progress.
i didn’t sugarcoat or lie a “perfect” situation.
i simply told my truth about something and got the advice i needed.
with star fox gone,
i needed an outlet to vent.
i’m not perfect,
but i’m definitely flawed with beauty.
i need to start seeing that.

thanks foxhole!
enjoy your day.


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

22 thoughts on “My Comment on The Comments”

  1. I think you finally found your closure to this saga, I’m happy for you. As stated before, everyone has their own experience with this and you had to have your own, to learn from it.

    Any dragging in the comments was only because no one wanted to see you get hurt by this. You’re resilient though, don’t know why they worry. 😉

    1. ^i feel stronger so that’s good.
      i think it’s time to close it to the foxhole.
      the comments on that last entry really helped me open my eyes to what’s really important.
      so I have a few books I need to finish and get me started on the right path.

  2. Good for you , you got so many comments and advice because everyone in here does care for you and we just want to see you win. Here’s to a kick ass 2016 for ya.

  3. I am a devoted “silent” reader and I’ve never commented but with that being said I would like to say I appreciate your vulnerability and honesty with the work wolf saga. So many of our situations parallel yours if we are being honest with ourselves. I respect your decision to not continue to share that experience but I wanted to let you know, Jamari that’s it’s been very helpful in me navigating with my work wolf. I find myself gasping at the similarities lol and looking to your updates for my next step. So thanks for letting know these feelings and emotions we experience in dealing with “confused” wolves is not a game in which I’m only player. Sorry so lengthy!

    1. ^im glad it was able to help you,
      as well as countless others.
      its not easy.
      i never dealt with this in this magnitude before.
      it was a challenge mentally,
      but I feel I also cracked his spirit to be unforgettable.
      as least i won’t be a passing fancy.
      i helped him see the good in him.
      no one else did or will be ever like me.
      my advice is to just step back and continue to be a friend.
      it’s hard not to obsess,
      but try to focus your attention on other things.
      the biggest lesson I learned was not losing focus on YOU for him.
      take that and have a blessed holiday and an amazing new year ahead!

  4. Let me know if you want me to come up there and catch ol dude in the elevator.

    Remember I’m from the same city as Solange!


  5. “i will keep the “work wolf saga” off the foxhole.” isn’t the same as “I will acknowledge that this relationship isn’t healthy for me and end it.” Everything about this situation that you characterize as “his fault” gives him the power to correct it or not. I suggest you focus, only, on the the things that are your fault as a step toward realizing that it is all your fault. “Why does he behave that way?” and “What am I doing to inspire his behavior?” are the same question. The second gives you the power. The first gives it to him. The same is true with ” Why won’t he love me back?” and “Why do I want the love of a man who doesn’t love men?” Make sure that your mindset isn’t ” Im going to cut him off as punishment for his behavior so he can miss my friendship.” Rather it should be “Healthy relationships don’t inspire suicidal thoughts, ever. Im ending this as an act of self care.” It is not about him. It is about you. You owe us nothing in terms of the details of this saga. But, you owe yourself more than you have been giving.

  6. NO!!! This will not be your last post about WW…. like I said before 01/01/16…. The Concrete Jungle will EXPLODE!!!! and you will have at least that to post.. then you could stop posting about WW…. 🙂

  7. I’m loving how you are taking the criticism. In reference to work wolf, It’s nothing wrong with “overthinking”, because often times we tend to be blinded until we do some well needed self reflection when it comes to matters of the heart lol. He led you to believe what you already wanted to believe so it’s no shame in that. I don’t know his true intentions but it’s obvi he likes you to some degree whether it’s romantically or just as friends. With that being said, you guys don’t seem equally yoked, he may mature to that at some point but then again he may not. In the mean time, do you and they typically always come back like clockwork

  8. You got this man. Don’t be so hard on yourself. Make everything and everyone who wants time and space in your life earn it and be worth it

  9. I’m not gonna beat around the brushes. Am I tired of hearing about Work Wolf? Yes because whenever you talk about him it more bad than good where I grown to not like him very much, but I do think y’all need to fucked? HELL YEA, it’s already scratching the surface that why y’all been at each other throats for quite some time. Do I want you to be with him? HELL NO! Just a couple of fucks to get it out of the way and remind friends because it like putting a princess and a homeless guy together where we know shit ain’t gonna work, plus he’s a hoe. I don’t want somebody used, they have to be fresh for you like the Wolf with the free clothes.

  10. Yay! Most of this post had things I said in the comments for the last post! Lol. But nah bro. It’s all love. Im glad you’re investing your time in 2016 to bigger and better things. Congrats bro.

  11. 2016 is gonna be your year. You will succeed and laugh off all other shenanigans. Fantastic that you found some closure.

  12. *hugs* Jamari, God bless you! I wanted to say that you’re a strong person (or fox in this case) and as a fellow big fox, I hope you find happiness in 2016! I feel like 2016 will be an excellent year for many single folk out there looking for love and have waited it out instead of acting, but still pursue their love interest. Continue to be good friends to work wolf and don’t overstep boundaries. Be his personal Iyanla when he’s feeling broken and needs to be fixed with kind words of inspiration. I feel that you and work wolf’s platonic friendship is what’s important than a quickie with a straight man (in my eyes).

    I really hate going deep into the psyche of the black man, but we’re some fucked up individuals that needs all kinds of fixings. One day, you’ll end up meeting that one wolf that will knock you off your feet having you feeling weak in the knees and you’ll be like, “damn! what just happened?!” and who knows, work wolf will be back to his old self again when he sees you happy with someone else. Not saying that you should stop seeing work wolf, but, know that your wolf is lurking in the wilderness looking for a beautiful fox to take as his own.

    Every love story has a happy ending. So create your own in 2016! Godspeed Jamari! Go forth and reach for the heavens in 2016!

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