Do You Want To See “The Perfect Match”?


so another black rom com is on the way.
it’s called ” the perfect match”.
it stars:

terrence j
paula patton

dayanara from #oitnb
that fine wolf from “hit the floor”
new new
and french montana…

its an interesting cast brought together by queen latifah.
billie woodruff is the wolf behind the lens.
here is the trailer…


well cassie looks beautiful!
glad to see diddy let her out of whatever dungeon she was in.
she should be a full time model tho.
what’s happening with that?
good to see her doing something other than singing.
my only gripe about the movie is it looks pretty predictable.

“playa use to idiot hoes meets a beautiful vixen.
she ignores him,
he doesn’t understand why,
and he ends up falling for her.”

i’ll go support it tho.
lets hope terrence j can carry a movie.
he is definitely “supporting character” material.
he may just surprise me.
“the perfect match” hits theaters march 11.

lowkey: i’m all for a movie with eye candy tho.
nothing beats the theater reaction when a shirt comes off.

more of this wolf…

Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 9.54.04 PM

go here for more info: yahoo

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19 thoughts on “Do You Want To See “The Perfect Match”?”

  1. Im watching it now its predictable and im kind of confused about the lack of browner sisters is this a your only pretty if your a light skin blk women movie mmmmm

  2. Sorry but there is something about Terrence J’s face that I cannot deal with. Don’t get me wrong, if he offered to let me smash dem liteskin cakes I would! But I’m not about to plan an evening to go see this little unfortunate-face miget in a movie lol

  3. I thought I was the only one who noticed the overabundance of light-skin women. I’ll support because my bae Brandy is in it but it does look pretty predictable.

  4. As usual, mixed, mulatto or biracials get the edge. Such is self-hate and anti-black racism. It’s despicable but offered as “entertainment” “America’s greatest crime against the black man was not slavery or lynching, but that he was taught to wear a mask of self-hate and self-doubt.”—Malcolm X

  5. I will watch the movie cause I like cute movies, even tho we already know the ending, plus I love Queen Latifah.

  6. I think this movie looks cute and Queen is behind it so I will definitely check it out; however, I am tired of seeing the same type of story lines with these black films. In addition, I am tired of seeing Paula in these. I think she’s such a good actress with range and some how she fell into what I call the “Meagan Good syndrome” where she started off in stuff with substance and then it got blurry. Paula had such a good run with her first few movies what is happening to her? I really like Terrence J though and he headlines this movie so that’s a plus for him. Cassie, well she looks good (no shade just facts). I will watch this though and give my final thought in March :).

  7. Nah, I am tired of these types of movies with Terrence J and Paula in them, even though I like them both. The movies they are in all seem similar and the story-lines are tired.

    1. Thank you for saying what I really wanted to say, but it is hard for me to criticize projects like this because I know that my Brotha’s and Sista’s have fought hard just to get to this level of movie making in Hollyweird, but this story is so played but since it makes money and usually gets a good return on its investment with Black audiences, they keep making these types of movies. Thanks to Netflix, I have seen some amazing Black films that sadly didnt have the budget, the stars or the hype of these mainstream Black movies but the stories and performances were amazing.

      It will be interesting to see Cassie as a leading lady (side-eye)

  8. Terrance has come a long way and he should be an inspiration to many. I remember hearing hearing him talk about being the first one at work and the last one to leave. Hopefully it does well and to bad Roxie let her ego, choices, and bad attitude ruin her.

    1. Hey Jay!

      They ended up getting back together. Cassie should be having children by now since she is not doing anything other than opening her mouth and spreading her legs.

  9. Looks cute. Coming from a light skinned dude, this does kinda look like THE LIGHT BRIGHT CONVENTION 👀. I’ll still support Queen though. #supportblackfilm

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