Its Going To Be A Snow Storm In Hollywood This Year


so out of all the movies featuring black actors,
all which were pretty good movies,
its confusing how none of them were nominated.
its going to be a “white out” at the oscars this year.
i guess its only fitting since obama is leaving the white house this year.
well jada pinkett smith is calling for a boycott this year.
this is what she said on her twitter


Screen Shot 2016-01-16 at 2.47.25 PM

tumblr_n9pldoU02p1so5xtno1_400i feelz you jada!
 i feeeeeelllls you!
well i definitely won’t be watching this year.
sadly we do have a problem tho:


chris rock is hosting this year.


How awkward is that going to be?

i hope he does a good job.
he is one to make snow animals uncomfortable with the jokes.
people think he should pull out from hosting,
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Should he?

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25 thoughts on “Its Going To Be A Snow Storm In Hollywood This Year”

  1. White people (some) have a superiority complex. They love to take and conquer & be considered “saviors”. Black’s to them are merely objects of entertainment.

    This country was meant for them. I’m not saying all are like this but many do try to undermine blacks & keep them within that stereotypical role play.

    They think of themselves as the dominant race. Well this is just my opinion and I think some really do. You hardly ever see blacks projected in the positive light as much as they deserve & don’t even let me get started on Latinos & Asians, Native Americans etc who get almost 0% recognition.

    Let Chris collect his check.

  2. This is why we have our OWN awards shows (BET Awards, NAACP Image Awards, etc). White America refuses to acknowledge our contributions and talent so we have to do it ourselves and stop looking to them for validation.

  3. Damn. Low Down Dirty Shame was my movie back in the day. Way too young to have watched it but I did.

    Back on topic. I’m a tiny bit surprised they didn’t just slide Elba a “token black” nomination to just appease the masses. He played the shit out of that role, more so than Smith in Concussion. F the Academy. They knew what they were gonna do and they thought by parading Chris Rock around, no one would notice.

  4. Black people are always up in arms about White organizations, schools, etc. doing what they’ve been doing for centuries which is excluding Black people. I’m tired of us looking to White organizations to validate our performances, intelligence, etc. We have to learn to celebrate ourselves. Half of the celebrities who run to the Oscars to open an envelope won’t even show up to the BET or NAACP Awards unless the show revolves around them somehow.

    1. ^^^ True! Love this! We need to: 1) stop getting worked up over trinkets that weren’t designed for us 2) if we want to be recognized, we will have to understand that only WE can understand our experiences as Black people, so only WE (black people) should be making awards recognizing our accomplishments in art& culture etc.

      It’s not that white people have the intention of doing this, they just don’t CARE, and they don’t have to! It’s not their problem, (from their perspective) and they will never really get it. This is why I don’t care about these award shows. They honestly don’t mean anything until you give it meaning! An OSCAR does NOT validate a black actor (and arguable actors as a whole)!!! The impact and contributions on the community and the homage to our history is more valuable and important than some stupid trinket designed for white people anyway! If your performance in a movie can change the face a black culture as a whole or educate or remind us of our origins and the painful past, many times that is worth much more than some trophy thing. Recognition is nice, but the impact is what the cause of the craft is all about, no?

      After reading Y Colette’s comment about the Oscar voter’s demographics,there is no surprise. The Oscar’s will never change until there is some more diversity in the VOTING ROOM! Until then, it’s by whites, for whites! Get used to it! if we want recognition and awards, we need to make more of our own shows designed to suit those purposes!

  5. Off topic but It’s funny because I noticed a lot of the black people that were crying about lack of diversity on social media (twitter fingers) are the same ones who get mad when gay people are casted into mainstream shows in television. They blame it on the “gay agenda” but don’t have a problem with affirmative action when it suits them. What would this be then, the “black agenda”? Chh.

    1. Good point. If one really cares for diversity and equality, one has to fight for them all: gender, racial, sexuality, and religious diversities in general or the whole stance becomes self- serving, in which in that case, they aren’t fighting for equality or diversity at all. They just selfishly want to see themselves represented, be damned about the rest. IMO, this can said of most people. They can’t see beyond their own experiences and will fight tooth and nail to fight for their “rights” while fighting just as hard to support the oppression of another marginalized group of people, because they might feel they have social leverage, or “superiority”. It’s like: “no boo, boo, you only care for yourself, and guess what? you’re the only one who cares, sit down, and don’t bother getting up, it’s too much for you to handle.” Well at least that’s my view. No Cherry-picking!

      Love this train of thought.

  6. Chris Rock shouldn’t withdraw as emcee. I’d feel better about Jada Pinkett Smith’s opinion if her husband wasn’t an actor who some consider to have been snubbed.

  7. Here’s the way I see it.

    The Oscars focus their nominations on people who have put out a performance worthy enough to guarantee a nomination. This isn’t to say there aren’t any good performances by people of color, Hell no. Will Smith was great in concussion, Idris Elba and Abraham Attah were fantastic in beasts of no nation. However, this argument of no people of color seems to propose that we nominate people based on the color of their skin vs their performance. What’s the point of wanting equality in Hollywood when we aren’t judging everyone’s performance equally but rather judging on color.

    In addition, no one knows the full list of nominees at one time. In that, the persons nominating are doing so on a case-by-case basis. They don’t know that there aren’t any people of color in the broader spectrum of nominations. They just vote and if that’s how the tally is done then it is by PURE Coincidence, there isn’t any malice behind it. The president of the Academy is black for crying out loud, and she addressed this same issue last year.

    They don’t put race before the performance, to do so would be 100% counter productive to the progress the Academy and society has been trying to make for years. And Ms. Jada seems to forget how in one year, both Best Actor, Best Actress were black AND they honored Sydney Pottier for his legacy.

    It looks bad, but come on. This isn’t intentional. The question is why aren’t there many more Oscar worthy movies featuring black people.

    I know this might get hate, but I’m sorry. I don’t think her treatment over the nominations is right.

    Idris Elba was a snub though. It seems they don’t would never nominate a Netflix film, just because of the non-traditional channel of distribution.

    1. Lol. I don’t recall any black actors playing crackheads and prostitutes last year either.

      Boogietonight, what I am saying is that these famous people don’t care about racism until it’s in their face and affects them. Furthermore it’s no secret that anytime a black actor secures a nomination it’s always for a deplorable character. Jennifer Lawrence is nominated for a positive character like joy a black woman would never get a nomination for playing that role. Thus in order to be recognized by the academy they have to play crackheads or prostitutes. They could’ve given a nomination to will or Michael B Jordan but they weren’t playing negative roles. But I GUARANTEE you if these two men were found awful things on screen they would’ve been honored.

  8. Please. Jada don’t give a fuzz about racism, she’s just mad her husband had all that buzz and NO nomination. I GUARANTEE to you if will would’ve been nominated she would’ve been silent.

    I’m not surprised at the nominations though. No black actors were playing crackheads and prostitutes this year….

  9. Let him collect his check but use it as a platform to deliver a message in a way that maintains the value of the show but makes it known the lack of recognition of black actors isn’t right. If he cuts up too bad and gets too left with it they will just say “this is exactly why we don’t want blacks recognized” the Jadas and Wills of the world need to create an awards show that recognizes not only minority contributions to the film industry but there are some great independent films that never make it to the big screen and we never hear about it

  10. Facts @Tajan and @Dee. I do not disagree, but it is a sad and constant realization. Jada always speaks the truth. No shade on her part, just facts. Chris Rock should definitely not pull out because at the end of the day this is business and it should shed light on the fact that there is a black host. The irony smh. I will be watching because I watch everything to be able to critique the situation, but the reality is these awards ceremonies are for white people and by white people regardless of the host being black and the black professionals who run it and are on the board. it’s a shame!

  11. I really don’t know how to feel about this.

    This happens every few years with the oscars, one year we’ll have a Lupita or a Denzel be nominated or win and then the next year it’s no person of color being being nominated at all.

    To be honest there has not been a movie this past year I’ve been excited about or heard great buzz about expect Salma but that was already shit out from last years oscars race. I can’t honestly on the spot think of one movie with a person of color that has any buzz. There was Dope but that kinda came and went and I would say Concussion with Will Smith but I didn’t see or hear any thing great about it.

    To me there was no 12 years a slave or Salma, or any movie that came out in the past few months with a person of color that was Oscar worthy (if I’m wrong please feel free to correct me 🤔). shrugs I won’t be watching because there’s no movie I’m excited about and I don’t find Chris Rock that funny.

    1. Michael b Jordan for Creed
      Will Smith for Concussion
      Idris Alba for Beasts of no Nation
      And Ice Cube jr for Straight outta Compton
      And possibly Teyonnah Paris for Chiraq
      Creed ,straight outta Compton, and Beasts of no Nation also could’ve been noms for best picture
      This just a few. These movies and Actors got no recognition what so ever except straight outta Compton got nominated for best screenplay and the people who wrote that are white. Utterly disrespectful. Count my black ass out!

  12. This is really big for Jada Smith to speak up on this topic being that her husband is one of the very few Black Actors at that elite level, and when Black men and women are at this level, they rarely express any opinion that is not in sync with the majority. At the end of the day, we have to realize that this country is not meant for us to be active participants in anything that goes on, it has never been designed for people of color since its founding. No matter how many Oprah’s, Will Smith, Denzel’s, Beyonce’s, NFL, NBA Superstars, and even Obama’s we have in this country and how visible we are, we have little power in the over all scheme of things and this is a prime example. Of course all of those movies that are represented by Oscar at this years nominations, we went in droves to see and drove up box office receipts but once again we were shitted on when it comes time to recognizing any performances of color. I have become cynical in my view of most White people realizing that they will never really respect us as humans, only our dollars. “F” the Oscars.

  13. Hell nah he shouldn’t give up that job. People got business twisted, he’s getting paid by them to do this. If they want to spend money on a token, we should be questioning how people are selected, not questioning Chris.

    I know I won’t be watching though. Instead of adding diversity they’ll select the same dried up white actors. This always happens in life, there’s been so many accomplishments by the minority that are downplayed or ignored.

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