2018 foxhole year in review/awards ceremony

2018 was a great year for the foxhole.
for me,
it was pretty decent.
i can honestly say i had a good year.
so let’s get into the “2018 year in review”.
the foxhole for this…

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Mo’Nique Shows Us Why She Is Better Than Amy Schumer

ya know,
i can’t with mo’nique.
i absolutely cannot.
is this gonna be her new thing?
when she doesn’t get her way,
her and that husband of hers are gonna make videos?
so mo’nique did a video today to prove her worth.
this is what she put on ig…
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Its Going To Be A Snow Storm In Hollywood This Year


so out of all the movies featuring black actors,
all which were pretty good movies,
its confusing how none of them were nominated.
its going to be a “white out” at the oscars this year.
i guess its only fitting since obama is leaving the white house this year.
well jada pinkett smith is calling for a boycott this year.
this is what she said on her twitter

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YOUR 51st THOUGHT…. (51)

so jodie foster kinda came out tonight.i think.
i thought her speech at the golden globes for her life achievement award was very interesting.
i don’t know if you guys saw it but here ya go…

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