2018 foxhole year in review/awards ceremony

2018 was a great year for the foxhole.
for me,
it was pretty decent.
i can honestly say i had a good year.
so let’s get into the “2018 year in review”.
the foxhole for this…




carlton banks

now i’m gonna font out some awards.

my “favorite album”:

 “fav beauty grab”:

“fav electronic buy”:

“top social media app where the foxhole shows so much love”:



“favorite celebrity this year”:

“most hated”:

“proved em wrong/secured the bag”:

the top wolf of 2018:


runners up:



“biggest pipe leakage”:

the “please sit down” award goes to:

…and the “you can find a seat next to them as well”:

the “keeping it classy when they could be a ratchet”:

biggest “attentionisto”:

biggest “attentionista”:

the “yup, starting to do too much”:

the “we can all predict the fuckery to come next year”:

and finally…

“you’ll be missed”


thank you to all the foxhole who:

came though
showed love
left hate
 always supported me

it always means alot to me.
lets go head and conquer 2019,
shall we?

22 thoughts on “2018 foxhole year in review/awards ceremony

  1. The award I totally agree with is #Starting to do Too Much”. Yup Demarcus is just too fucking much. He seems to be just a damn whiny bitch!!!..LOL

  2. @Jamari …… Thanks so much for the honorable mention. I enjoy stopping by the FoxHole for little scoops and perspectives I don’t get any place else. I stopped visiting sites like Bossip and MediaFakeOut years ago because of the homophobia that’s both stoked and allowed. I make it my business to occupy spaces (both Online and Offline) that are good for my spirit and mental health, and this joint is one of those places. Continued success to you my brother! So glad I’m allowed to be part of the ride. 🙂

  3. Side note: do you like your iPhone X max? I just used the camera on snap and it’s different than my 7. I haven’t tried ig yet

    1. ^i LOVE it!!!
      it makes things really HD and clear af.
      from skin to just random objects.
      i love the portrait mode.
      that’s where it really shines.
      i’m satisfied.
      not to mention,
      the battery lasts me all day.

  4. HNY Jamari! I’m honored to make top 5 foxholes list hehe! Your blog is one of my “go to” daily sites each morning so it only makes sense.

  5. I still have my screenshots from last year of things im leaving and things im taking w/ me into 2018 from your page. I will hold on to them and bring that energy into 2019

    P.s. happy New year.

  6. Happy New Year Foxhole, feeling good about 2019, 2018 toward the end almost took me out with losing family members unexpectedly. I stepped my gym game up in 2018 to become an Instagram THOT, and hope to continue to achieve new fitness goals in 2019, and I am sure my DM’s will stay lit-LMAO! I wish everyone a good 2019 with lots of good luck along the way. Thankful for this platform and Jamari who continues to inspire in spite of the negativity and hate from some viewers. Proud to be part of the Foxhole Family, it will be 8 years strong when the clock turns to 2019. Big Blessings to you all in 2019.

  7. I love this and I love how you showed love to your top commentators. And Janelle Monae and that album is the only thing that deserves an award this year. just pure brilliance.

  8. Happy New Year to you Jamari and to all the Foxholers and Wolfdenners out ‘chere! 2019 will be a year of greater happiness, more success, and truer fulfillment! Blessings!

  9. very accurate on everything lol! Wow so much went on in 2018, and yes Tumblr will be missed. LOL. Happy new year!

  10. New year. New Goals. Time for everyone to live it up and be an even better you. I don’t think 2019 ready for what we’re gonna bring…

  11. 😂 the Attentionisto/a took me OUT! I can’t think of two people more deserving of those awards!

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