christian keyes wants you to live your truth and stop sending him nudes

so as you know,
i post wolves ( x on the ig foxhole ) from time to time.
i’m alarmed by the unsolicited dick pics i get.
no “hey, how ya doing?” first.
it’s either a dick pic or someone jackin off.
i guess some of these folks think i’m the wolf that’s posted.
one day,
i got a least 10 random dick and cheeks shots.
i can only imagine what it looks like in the dms of the males i post dms.
christian keyes decided to address that very issue this morning.
this is what he posted

i mean i agree with him.
some gay males are way too aggressive with their lust.
when i first started this site,
i was a tad bit aggressive for my own good as well.
even tho i never sent my nudes,
or hopped in dms,
i was way too vulgar with wolves i found attractive on here.
i’d like to think i’ve matured over the years.
i’m sure that’s why christian keyes blocked me on twitter too.
i have no regrets,
but i will say some gays need to chill tf out.
sending a dick pic off top is not the proper calling card.
just because that works with some within the community,
some of the males receiving these shots aren’t even confirmed gay/bi.

Why TF are you sending random males your nudes?

wtf did you think he was gonna font back?
“i’m tryna suck you right now”?

this ain’t jack’d or grindr.
i think it’s pretty ridiculous tbh.

male or female,
shouldn’t send unsolicited nudes without proper confirmation.

meaning: you were told to do so.
i’m nice about it,
even tho i’ll cancel any wolf who sends me a nude without warning,
but it’s really reeks of creep and desperate.
stop it please.

lowkey: i’m starting to get pussy shots too.
creep and desperate can apply to you too.

35 thoughts on “christian keyes wants you to live your truth and stop sending him nudes

  1. Christian did an interview on Claudia Jordan’s show on Fox Soul (Youtube).He explained what caused him to make that video is a man DM’d him and said some sexual stuff and said he wanted to have a threesome with Christian and Christian’s teenage son.So that’s what set him off.For years he ignored the dick comments,the bussy comments etc. but talking about his son was his breaking point.

    He mentioned he has lots of gay friends,he regularly goes to dinner,strip clubs,etc. with a gay actor that works on his show.It seem to bother him that people thought he was homophobic.

    I’ve read comments about him being arrogant and acting like a jerk he just may not be a homophobic,arrogant jerk😄.

  2. I waited days to even listen to this fool because I knew the shtt that would fall out of his mouth would only anger me. He even acknowledged that the comments he was about to make would probably cause him some heat but went on to say the antiquated bigoted shtt anyway. And when a “straight man or woman” begins their statements with that “whoever you love is between YOU and god” bullshat I immediately check them in the homophobe box. It’s 2019 and I have zero patience for bigoted muthafukahs who will only TOLERATE me as a person. This includes celebs, family and work colleagues.

    As for the nonsense he’s addressing, have any of these guys walked in the shoes of a very attractive woman to see the nonstop harassment they get from thirsty assed men both on the street and online? The point is, MEN are men whether they are gay or straight. The stufff in your DMs will always be sexually insulting if it’s coming from a man (gay or straight). However, Christian decided that “eggplant emojis “ was causing him so much mental distress that he needed to memorialize his bigoted views with a fvcking video? I wonder how many heterosexual men will commit suicide from the online harassment they get from the gays in 2019? I wonder if there is a support group from Heterosexual Male Instagram THOTS whom are traumatized by eggplant emojis from gay men?

    1. As a recent ‘fan’ of Christian’s (thanks to his role in INCONTEMP). I began to follow his career ventures making efforts to seek out his work. However, after listening to his words, as with the recent video rant. I have basically taken a total turn. Not only don’t I not care to follow his career as an actor, my level of respect for Christian Keyes has been drastically diminished. I don’t have any tolerance for any form of homophobic judgment. And make no mistake, Christians comment was definitely anti-gay; homophobic. Which is cool for him, he has that right. But his fans have even bigger rights when it comes to the success of his career. Christian doesn’t get to choose his fans, or does he?

  3. There is gay actors will get compliments from straight women all the time They don’t make videos about these women and I know Gay Male actors and male models who gets Complements every day from women And I see straight women including black women trying to convert gay men straight if a gay man complaining about this and reject woman advances he label a misogynistic from straight women A funny thing there are some straight men out here don’t want str8 women to be sending them messages on their DM’s too Gay actors should play gay roles they need to stop giving the str8 male actors gay role. Jamari you need to stop Defending these straight men and Shaming gay men. if str8 Male actors complaining about compliments from gay men then gay actors have every right to complain about compliments from straight women but Gay actor won’t do that because he will be quickly be labeled as a misogynist from his straight female fans

  4. I do think there is a lot to unpack here. I think the real problem is that people don’t respect boundaries anymore which has been worsened by the anonymity of the internet; mostly social media. I also think they’re certain narratives we need to let go of as well; like this idea that every male claiming to be heterosexual is really a closeted homosexual or at best sexually fluid just looking for the right person to turned them out so just shoot your shot. Christian keyes is a man of a particular age who probably governs his life by a set of traditional social norms, if we’re going to be honest it is inappropriate to flirt with or compliment a heterosexual male on his looks; you might compliment their shoes, sense of style, maybe even cologne from a place of admiration and interest like you may want to purchase those items for yourself but anything else is just asking for trouble. I in no way am trying to put Christian on a pedal stool , but I have to wonder even if it were true and you could turn someone like him out what would it take; its one thing to be a never was ( most Instagram/social media models), a has been ( no disrespect Bobby Valentino kind of sort of), but I just don’t think anyone trying to have a career and actually have the backing of a major label, studio, network, or multinational corporation is going to risk the blow to there image for some random ( that’s what made the Dwight Howard and even the Kerry Rhodes situations seem so ridiculous and I believe at this point proven false)

  5. I agree with what’s being said about gays supporting their own but can we bring up the fact that folks are obsessing over a guy that plays a….wait for it…. FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

    Honestly, he can play gay characters as much as he wants. It’s a form of entertainment and it’s not a real portrayal of his own personal life. Now you would expect not to have to tell grown people this but some folks are into fantasy so bad they just go crazy. I guess Ryan Reynolds is actually Deadpool off screen too.😐

    We all know why some play gay characters..They want your money, they don’t want you. If you not accompanied by George, Abe or Benjamin, you ain’t got nothing to discuss & I don’t want your compliments but you can compliment this bank account.

    As far as me reading back over and complimenting thing. Depends. Some people don’t like validation and don’t want compliments, especially from the same sex. If they don’t, respect it and move bout your business. I know most of the Foxhole has to at least be gay and dudes and y’all know exactly how dudes “compliment”. The minute you allow them in, they take it as an opportunity to form a “bond” with Plan B…🙄.

    Also what’s the point of complimenting someone that doesn’t hold you in their sights to begin with?

    Also looking at other posts. This C.K. guy seems to be “known” and has a “history” for his posts on Twitter I read somewhere…lol

    1. ^im honestly baffled at the “he plays a gay character” comments.
      he is an actor.

      so because he is acting as a gay character that means people need to send him messages?

      so because idris played a psycho in “no good deed”,
      we need to warn him fiancé he might kill her?
      or a drug dealer in “the wire”,
      we need to check his house for crack?


      1. Yeah, I think sometimes people forget that these are roles these individuals portray for characters, not how they actually live. It really made me think the same thing happens in porn. You know when you’re used to seeing someone bottom or top on screen, most believe that’s how they are in their personal lives & it ain’t true.

        I mean I’m sure most of the gay foxhole wouldn’t mind a few women complimenting them but I know they would get tired of women hitting them up about this and that after a while becasuse that’s not what they are into, so when you flip it, C.K. has some valid points.

        I may see one of your straight posts and think he’s cute despite actively saying I don’t care for straights in the past but I can recognize a good look man or woman..etc. However, I don’t compliment straight men for the most part or send them messages. The majority might like it to the point where they get a kick out of dragging gay men along on their ego trip. You know the type..The mixed signals type…when they just want your energy to feed their ego and they give you these signals and stuff. Time to dump them on the spot. Grown men don’t send signals they take action and go after what they want.

        Not all straight men are this terrible, some are chill but I always say stay in your own lane with the straights, they’ll flip the script on you quick.

        Respect the man’s wishes and leave him be…I know most of the foxhole would be issuing out block tickets if they DMs was lit up with boobs and furries instead of peen and beach balls.

      2. Straight women be sending messages to hot gay male actors all the time They don’t complain And most gay actors get the gay roles taking away from straight actors

  6. As funny as I think this is I do wish the gays and also the black community would support people who support us. This man doesnt want or value our attention so lets place our attention elsewhere. There are folks who dont mind compliments and likes from the gay community.

    Also if he doesn’t want gays in his inbox why play a gay character? If he has that much of an aversion to same gender loving then the minute you found out character is gay he shouldve quit.

  7. That’s what happens when you play a gay character. I was trolling Tobias Truvillion’s livestream the other day (the guy who played Jamal’s love interest at some point on Empire) called him “adorable” and he said “I’m not adorable ok? Don’t ever call another man adorable” lmfaooo

  8. Okay nude pics I understand. I block or will go off on anybody who sends me that shit. Its disrespectful. But compliments? LOL this dude reminds me of Baggy Large. Another guy who blocks men who give him compliments in his comments. I never understood when guys do that, especially guys with a large platform.

    I personally never comment on these straight guys pics anyway their egos are far too ahead of them when most do the bare minimum.

    This is why Christian Keyes will forever remain as a Tyler Perry extra while the unproblematic CHOCOLATE KING Trevante Rhodes soars throughout Hollywood. Moonlight, Bird Box, The Predator etc. Mind you he said he started acting 5 years ago.

    Trevante is who I’m checking for. Not his midlife crisis having ass wannabe playboy.

  9. I think that folks should calm down male and female. It’s rather rude to send a naked pic of yourself. Look at the culture we’ve created now where d**k, ass and pu**y pics are the new Hello. That’s not how adults start meaningful connections but it seems to be how thots express themselves. I mean really? Who sends pictures of their private parts to strangers?!?! It’s rude and creepy. Some folks don’t even care d**ks n va Jay Jay’s be ashy as snow and be send pics.

    I have some sympathy for C.K. tho. He’s an actor & he’s been typecast as the sexy light skinned dude. I kinda don’t blame him. I’m the type that will block you if you send me a nude picture I didn’t ask for. It must be a big problem if he had to address it. Twitter mail probably full of ashy titties and dry balls.. smh.

    1. He complained about compliments and flirting that’s it nobody was sending him nude pictures get your facts straight

  10. He’s so famous aka the Denzel in the low budget movie world. I think being a famous person it’s best to keep things politically correct and just not respond. He should know being a celeb your, have men and women in the comments and you continue on. “Between you and god” made it seem like he doesn’t agree with it

  11. Really he does? If so, that reaction from fans especially in our community, is not surprising especially if your good looking one at it! I guess a few fans were trying to pull a baller wolf, nice try!! I follow a few hotties on Instagram and always respectful to stay in my lane and never go beyond unless invited to.

      1. I think just using dignified word can be accepted especially in the gentlemen realm like ”sharp looking”, or ”handsome” shouldn’t raise any red flag!! I’m guilty too, I went as far as to write a comment on Instagram to a guy I had a crush with at my job when he quit, but the message came out as if it was a love letter and he deleted it and he did not approve of it. For now, I just click the heart symbol to tread lightly.

      1. Heroes of tomorrow from the CW He played John Constantine’s love interest He’s making money off of gay characters they should let a gay actor played that character. people stop casting straight people for these gay roles You know does happen to gay actors Straight girls do the same thing to do but do they complain no imagine if this was a gay actor complaining a lot of Straight females will be upset

      2. I’m a bit shocked he played a gay character. Many black actors, mostly the well-known ones, tend to shy away from those roles.
        I watched him in the new BET show, Family Business, and he is a handsome guy.

  12. 😂😂Noooo! Jamari you got the vixens bussin it open in DMs too!? That tickled me too much yo.

    Did you confirm that it was actual people sending them? It could be a baiter/catfish. They violating.

    Keyes is being a crybaby. I’d understand if they were straight violating him too. He’s complaining about compliments and flirting? This’ll continue because the sad truth is he doesn’t fit in society’s straight black male stereotype. He’s too animated, metrosexual, and pretty.

    1. ^i have no idea!
      i think they’re real.
      a majority of their profiles are real.

      i think the random dick pics are a downer.
      someone telling him he’s attractive shouldn’t set off alarm.
      i think i told him he was attractive and he has been in the business for a long time.
      he ended up blocking me.

      1. This is true a lot of people Are saying this he complaining about gay men complementing and Flirting with him There wasn’t sending no nude pictures to him Get the facts before you write the story

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