it’s worse than roaches and rats

i worked with a pretty vixen at one of my past jobs.
when i first started in ’12,
she was the first one to train me.
i remember her being so bubbly and welcoming.
one day,
she went to the ceo’s office to drop off some files.
a week later,
she was in doom

her entire apartment got infested with bedbugs.
from what i was told,
the ceo had just got back from vacation somewhere.
his luggage was crawling with bed bugs.
he was the who started the outbreak in the office.
one may have latched on her dress when she was back there.

i watched her go from bubbly to damn near depressed

she had to throw out all her shit,
she was bitten up everywhere,
and she couldn’t sleep.
bad enough,
she was alone in this city and JUST moved into her apartment.
it was a nightmare and i watched it happen live.
i managed to go un-scatched through the grace of God,
but i’ll never forget how she looked.
all of the life within her was taken.
what bothered me was that the managers didn’t give af.
they were catching attitudes because she had to call out.
she eventually quit and i never saw her again.

that whole experience left a legit fear within me

back then,
there was a serious bed bug epidemic that had hit the city too.
they were dam near everywhere.
i was bobbin’ and weavin’ everyone and thing.
i’d hear of people who got it and i got paranoid.
they said it’s like being eaten alive.
these monsters love your blood.
because of this…

that fear has lasted with me all these years

i’m don’t like to sit just anywhere,
have anyone stand close to me,
or even go to a hotel to get dicked down.
i’m in fear my neighbors have them and then i’ll get them.
i’m fonting to you about it now and i’m scratching.
there was an outbreak at the last job i had.
i was ready to quit that day.
it’s bad,
but that’s what fear will do to you.
it’ll have your mind playing tricks on you.
a foxhole sent me this story that sent me into a tailspin today.

( x read it here )

trust nothing and no one.
you don’t have to be dirty to catch them.
as soon as i walk in the door,
i pull off all my clothes and shake them over my tub.
i don’t lay on anything i been out in the forests with.
i’m not talking to any wolves,
or foresee dick downs in the near future,
so i’m good on hotel stays.
my straight home wolf said he saw one on his pillow at a hotel.
i wouldn’t wish those things on my worst enemy.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “it’s worse than roaches and rats”

  1. I’m not gonna even hold you when I was in Brooklyn the whole damn building had them. They next to impossible to kill collectively. The bite can wake you out of your sleep. I had to throw away my mattress and mad clothes. They hide inside of the underside of your carpet and come out at night. Try using tea tree, peppermint, and lavender oils to wipe everything down and to kill them. It makes u feel as if your a nasty slob. It’s like a STD for your house. 😔

    1. ^omg that is so scary!!!!!!!
      i remember her looking like she didn’t sleep in weeks.
      she damn near was a zombie.

      i researched and bought a whole bottle of lavender and peppermint oil.
      i wasn’t even playing.

    2. My co-worker said he went to the library two weeks ago and he saw two of them there and he hauled ass out of there with the quickness. He said he told the librarian and they seemed to not care. Back in 2014 I got a case of bed bugs from my job but I was lucky because they never bit me because I would grease my body with coconut oil which acts as a repellent, I was still scared to go to sleep though.

      I went to the Home Depot and got some bed bug bombs and bombed my house and then I got some peppermint oil and sprayed my sheets every night and I never saw another one again. They hate the smell of menthol!

  2. Yeah, I got infested w/ ’em during an extended hotel stay… It was maddening! Idk if this company and its products are still in operation or if there’s better products out here now that do the job, but I almost broke down and bought one of these mofos:

    And in regards to the oils, yeah I stocked up on this shit for a minute and sprayed my entire body and all bedding EVERY nite until the problem went away… it was a tortuous routine!

  3. One of the worst experiences I ever had. It makes you feel so dirty, and you feel ashamed for saying it out loud because like someone said earlier, you feel like it’s a STD.

    Thankfully I got someone to treat my room and my clothes and all my items for a reasonable price and it never came back. Won’t he do it!!

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