Mo’Nique Shows Us Why She Is Better Than Amy Schumer

ya know,
i can’t with mo’nique.
i absolutely cannot.
is this gonna be her new thing?
when she doesn’t get her way,
her and that husband of hers are gonna make videos?
so mo’nique did a video today to prove her worth.
this is what she put on ig…

let me post my new favorite gif for this nonsense:

she wasn’t the main star in “almost christmas”.
that is an insult to the others who were involved.
all those awards behind her are for her “dramatic” roles.
that will get her a comedy special for certain.
my question is:


i’m not understanding the point of this.
i always ask this because if she’s going this hard,
she wants something to happen.
we ain’t boycotting netflix so she needs a new hustle.
how is she gonna say netflix is color and gender bias:


netflix also has a ton of movies/shows featuring black actors/actresses.
they have low budget black movies in there too.
shonda rhimes is going to netflix.
according to the latest on “industryonblast”:

if the alleged is true:


lowkey: mo’nique needs a manager.
that husband of hers is gonna ruin her.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Mo’Nique Shows Us Why She Is Better Than Amy Schumer”

  1. I think she meant gender & race bias as in black women comedians or woc comedians not just race or gender.

    Although I agree w/ where she was headed I need her to not do this because this is not actually helping. This husband of hers must be a terrible manager because a good one would have negotiated with them in a way that works for her and Netflix. And you are right Shonda did sign a deal w/ netflix so I can’t wait to see where she’s heading with all that.

  2. One thing I’ve always loved about Mo’Nique is her consistentcy and her honesty. She hasn’t deviated from her story from 08 to now.

    Is is a well known fact that black women are the most underpaid group in America despite in the black community, a lot of black women are degree holders and stewards of thier respective industries. For Netflix to offer her 500k is disrespectful as fuck. They might as well not even of pitched the idea of a comedy special to her if that’s the case.

    I also think that her hisband has her best interests at heart. What purpose would it serve for him to sabotage her career if she’s the breadwinner? I don’t see jealousy from him that she’s the breadwinner. I genuinely don’t. I just see a man that goes HARD for his wife.

    Netflix needs to get it together. I think the end game is to bring awareness to the fact that black women are underworked and underpaid at all levels and something needs to be done about it. And black women need to start speaking up about the situation too because it can’t just be Mo’Nique at the forefront of all of this.

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