How A Chris Brown Rant Ends Up Getting You Views Anyway

i still haven’t listen to that new chris brown album.
i hear its delightful.
when i have 2 weeks to spare,
i might give those 165 songs a shot.
aside from that,
chris has been quiet.
his pettiness showed face today tho.
so chris was accused of not giving credit to an artist’s work.
@NYSixthranger went ham with this tweet….

…which caused chris to respond:

i’ll need to chris to get that “diffrent” corrected.
all those red spell check lines
ya know what?
@NYSixthranger posted the final correspondence:

dweebs tho?

it was out of control from the start.
they could have handled that a whole lot more professionally.
“the fuckiest fuck boy post”?
they should know chris is missing screws.
how did they think he’d react?

as far as chris,
he should have given credit to the art work from the start.
he is the bigger star.
a shout out from him would bring views to another fellow creative.
i’m very confused at his defense since he’s an artist.
if someone was to steal his work,
he would have his lawyers on the horn with no questions asked.
am i wrong?

they both took “L”s today with the nonsense.
there is a bright side.
chris got time on the foxhole and the artist still got promotion.
all wins!

lowkey: um chris,
how are we supposed to know where the posts came from?
you don’t tag them so how will we know?
i’m just asking…

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “How A Chris Brown Rant Ends Up Getting You Views Anyway”

  1. ummmm….chris we both know you would clown the fuck out of anybody that borrows from your music/image/clothing line so I don’t know why you are getting mad and telling them they are starving when not to long….you know what 2018 is the year I pretend chris brown & most fuck niggas don’t exist.

  2. He’s still relevant? Starving artists? Is music not a part of the arts & he’s starving for attention. I mean WHO does he think he is. Look this is what people create…they create low-level men that gain popularity and think they are Gods.

    Don’t get to comfy in you’re haughtiness Chris… tomorrow isn’t promised for ANYONE….

    …lest we not forget how his kind of talent breaks into the industry…Ya know with a mic in one hand and the producers dik in the other…

    Moving on, he’s stealing from lesser known artists, that may have a small following & then cropping out the watermark. He knows what he’s doing & he thinks lesser of them.

    Don’t let that boy fool yoy. He ain’t bi-polar..He’s just spoiled and egotistical & thinks his s*it don’t stink.

    Two scoops of ass whooping and a cup of humility will straighten that right on up though. He keep on …he gon be singing Kiss… Kiss.. that career bye bye…

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