erick adame been out here giving weather reports and cam shows since mid 10s?

in my head and totally my thoughts but…

Did Erick Adame want to get caught?

he left a lot of footsteps on the sex work cam/cum trail.
he has gained many supporters for the idea his sex work was private.
 the desk is reporting that this isn’t his first rodeo on the sex cam sites.
he has been doing this since adele released “hello”.
a foxholer sent me this recent update from the desk and…

A New York-area meteorologist who was fired earlier this month after his explicit online broadcasts were disclosed to his employer had maintained active profiles on numerous adult webcam website since at least 2015, The Desk has learned.

Many of the explicit sessions were broadcast on the adult webcam websites Chaturbate and Cam 4 while meteorologist Erick Adame worked for a Spectrum News station in upstate New York, several years before he took a similar job at Spectrum News NY1 in New York City.

The statement, which was produced in partnership with a Los Angeles-based crisis management group, gave the impression to thousands of supporters that Adame’s interactions were occasional and private. But videos and images reviewed by The Desk show the opposite was true: Adame performed at least 20 times on Chaturbate and Cam 4, with the earliest broadcast dating to 2015.

Many of his performances took place in the privacy of his own home. But some were in open areas that were visible to the public. A broadcast from May 2015 showed Adame masturbating in the open garage of his Syracuse home. Later, he appears fully nude on the hood of a blue Ford sedan, where he continues to masturbate.

Adame used at least a dozen different screen names between early 2015 and late 2022, according to records reviewed by The Desk. Over the last nine months, Adame has filed several copyright-related complaints with various online services in an attempt to scrub copies of the videos from appearing on the Internet. A handful of videos remain online.

erick issued a statement via the desk:

On Monday, Adame told The Desk by phone that he thought the broadcasts were only being streamed in real-time over the Internet. He said he did not recall any feature that automatically recorded his broadcasts on Chaturbate or Cam 4, adding that he reviewed the terms of service from both websites with his attorneys during a recent meeting. Adame’s attorneys have not returned numerous requests for comment.

Terms of use listed on both Chaturbate and Cam 4 state that users grant each website a royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide license to re-use content that is streamed via their platforms. They also say users will indemnify them from any claims that arise in connection with their use of each service.

Adame is not suing Chaturbate or Cam 4. Instead, he has filed a petition in New York court seeking to identify several users of a different website, the Large Penis Support Group (LPSG), who purportedly made copies of his online broadcasts available through the website’s forum. An attorney representing Unit 4 Media, the operator of LPSG, has not returned a request for comment.


so in my head and totally just my thoughts…
it seems he is mad because he was caught being a sexual degenerate online.
it’s like the males who got caught up being sexual degenerates too.
the ones that got angry with the foxhole for showing their leakage.

The same ones who participated in leaking their nudes/sex tapes,
or they got baited by someone on Tumblr,
and then thought no one would share the leaks.

they wanna blame everyone but themselves.
typical alleged narc behavior.
now i don’t agree with sending the nudes to his workplace and his mama.
that is out of pocket.

i think he should hold this L tbh.
it’s looking like it’s might be his “oopsie” and in my head,
he might allegedly know this.

lowkey: before onlyfans popped off,
pineapples were dumb.
they are still dumb getting mad for videos being leaked that people paid for.
you paid 35 dollars for that video in your dm.
you own it now and can share it with whoever.
tough titty.

lowkey: the desk

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