the 10 gay males onlyfans to (allegedly) avoid in the digital burn book

is it me or has onlyfans started to run its course?
almost all the attentionistos have one,
the scamming jackals are trying to pull fast ones,
and most of the content is repetitive and boring.
the burn book club” on twitter has no fucks to give these days.
they are determined to burn the establishment down.
last week,
they did ( x “top 10 gays to avoid” ).
this week,
they are on to the top 10 onlyfans gays to avoid

already one response:

how wild that i wanted to know what was on his onlyfans too:

from the previews,
he use to beat the brakes off his boyfriend/ex(?).
i’d like them to do the straights and their onlyfans next tbh.
throw in the ones who are notorious for gay-baiting because why not?

If you have any gay Onlyfans to avoid,
drop them in my box.
Let’s tell stories!

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “the 10 gay males onlyfans to (allegedly) avoid in the digital burn book”

    1. RhyheimX is. He went to Brazil a few months ago, filmed some incredible scenes, going vers in all of them, and some were off the chain! He also doesn’t lock the videos for extra $ for you to see them, or post ads of other pages unless the people owning those OF pages are in videos that he posts in full. Most OF are now trash, though, and should be skipped unless they’re discounting the pages, which lots of people do because subscribers get tired of their trash feeds.

  1. As a side note, I think the problem in our society is that we’ve created a system that protects the hustler and not the hustled, we protect the racist and punish those who expose the racist. All this person did was give his honest opinion and already his Twitter account is suspended; mind you I can go to Twitter right now and freak Twitter is off the chain not to mention all the violence that’s allowed to be shown on there unfiltered with 100,000 to millions of views with no problem whatsoever. So, I appreciate you even addressing a topic like this.

    I think you have several categories of OnlyFans. You have the scammers, or I like to call them the fleece (swindlers), these are the people who have you generally subscribe to their page only to have you pay them extra in terms of a tip of some sort in order to get to the real content. Once subscribed they usually only offer teasers or 10 to 20-second clips. People who fall in this category are

    Malcom Drummer (@mackem), OnlyFans is trash; will have you subscribe to his page for 14.99 only to give you teaser pictures, and 10-second clips and then wants you to pay an extra $20+ for actual content.

    Kingnate and King Nasir are the same, in their cases, you can subscribe to their pages for free, but the actual content is going to cost you some real money. Nasir is $20+ per scene and Kingnate nickel and dimes you with $3 to $5 for a 20-second clip; so if you compiled a complete scene it would be very expensive.
    Chase Coleman (@itschasecole, @xgchase) this guy wants to charge $15 but doesn’t have solid content again mostly clips, and then wants you to pay extra for actual content. Every now and then will post a full scene, but that’s far few and in between.
    I also find that generally most of the straight pages and most of the transexual pages fall in this category as well.

    Then you have the people who do try to give you content, but at the end of the day for me a least they are just boring, or to be fair something is just missing. For me these people are

    Ace Nova

    Lucky Rashad

    Mr. bolden (@boldenbedroom)

    Tyrone and Johnnell (@tyronewellsandjohnnell) I know these two are the darlings of the community, but their content is very mediocre at best.

    Michael Privius (@michaelprivius) content is just all over the place one-minute wants to be a porn star then the next minute doesn’t, has scenes then removes them just to be doing scenes and creating content on other people’s pages

    Then you have the superstars, and diamonds in the rough. People who just do the damn thing and deserve recognition and support for the content they provide.

    Rhyheim Shabazz and his whole harem in general minus Micheal Privius. I’m not sure Rhyheim may be a little controversial and I’m not exactly sure about that harem of his and how all that works, it is somewhat strange, and to be honest it is a little too “ Rainbow coalition” for me it’s a rarity to sex pure black on black sex with him. Pound for pound he probably has the best content at the moment.

    Khi Lavene

    Adrian hart : again a little too much interracial content, but it is good and his black-on-black scenes are fire.

    1. Excellent breakdown. I agree with you about RhyheimX’s interracial stuff. Not into the White men but he’s equal opportunity and features sex with Asian men, Latino men, etc. His boyfriend ElijahZayne is black, though. When he went to Brazil this most recent time, most of the guys he was with were Black or brown. There are two scenes, one of him with a tall, thick dark-skinned Black Brazilian bodybuilder who flips with him, and another with a muscled dark-skinned Black Brazilian who turns Rhyheim out. One last thing I’ll say is that the quality of the videos is equal or superior to what most of the studios are producing. He’s picked up where RawStrokes, etc. left off. It’s too bad there’s no successor to Big City Video, Chocolate Drop in its prime, Taggaz, etc., though.

      1. i’ll give it to rhyheim,
        that hybrid gives you content.
        he doesn’t charge extra.
        he gives you the entire kit and caboodle.

        i think with the straights,
        they know gays want them and will do eveyrthing to make their prices high on purpose.
        they are the top selling toy on the gay market so its easy to scam.

  2. Rhyheim has peaked to me. I appreciate him for making black OF creators from different diasporas visible but his content hasn’t moved me since 2020.

    Models need to get off of OF. If you can post that same “x-rated” content on IG, you don’t need an OF. Showing doctored images of your bare ass and bulges for the billionth time is not giving people what the want. It was cute the first year, but by the 2nd year you need to be doing something else. Feet pics do not count….

    PrettyPrince2727 – Boring. His Chaturbate was better than his OF. He is so boring that no one cares to pirate his content.

    Shawn Raymond – His content has regressed so much. Whack.

    The Latino/Blatino dudes that be on Tik Tok pretending to be gay: LatinoXL, Dallas Wade, Rican Sanchez. That whole clique should have been off of OF for fraud. How they even still have an audience speaks to how stupid many gay men are.

    In their defense, they never set out to do porn. But because OF is synonymous with porn, we expect more from them. Truthfully, they are okay with doing the bare minimum as long as they can make some kind of money and their audience is okay with getting the bare minimum out of fear it will one day stop. That’s on y’all to withhold your money.

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