the 10 gay males to (allegedly) avoid in the digital burn book

in the iconic movie “mean girls“,
the vixens on who the movie is based,
created a book with everyone they talked shit about.
it was called the “burn book“.
we learned trang pak is a grotsky little biotch and made out with coach carr.
her friend,
sun jin dink,
also did the same.
when people found out their names were in his book,
it caused a riot at the high school.
someone under the account,
decided to make a digital burn book to cause a riot in social media.
they put together an alleged list of all the gays to avoid like the plague.
have you dealt with any of these folks?…

there are two repliesin the thread so far.
zaq and steven responded to the allegations:

so i’ve never dated any of these males,
as i don’t do “mixxy” to tough,
but i had some run-ins with a few tho…

1. One of the foxholers told me a while back in convo that he allegdly fucked Zaq.
I think he said Zaq was in an alleged relationship or dating someone at the time.
They met on a chat site and Zaq,

in his words:


…but he said zaq is an alleged dumb blonde.
he has no personality whatsoever.
From what my foxholer looks like,
and what Zaq said in his response,
Zaq didn’t care if my foxholer wasn’t muscular like him.
There is truth there.

I’ve posted Zaq a few times and he has never said thank you.
I figured he wouldn’t tbh.

2. Allegedly,
from the words of one of my little foxholers…
Mustang and Tanksnlove were being interviewed on gay podcast/radio show.
This was way before the pandemic happened.
The host asked them what they thought of me.
The same host asked me to be on their show days before they were on.
They both said they didn’t fuck with me.
During that time,
I think I was pretty supportive of Tanksnlove on the foxhole.
Mustang was someone I thought was sexy in his first adult scene.
I enjoyed it when Rio (what happened to him?) annihilated those big butt cheeks tho.

I had no beef with him so it was confusing to me.
I can’t please ’em all.

3. Koree was always pleasant whenever I posted him.
I like when I post someone and they respond with love.
That was my experience tho.
Others might have gotten something different.

the others i don’t know or the foxholers haven’t updated me about.

with lists like this,
i keep them in my mental rolodex just in case i do meet them.
i can go with my guard up.
there are celebs i met that were cool to me but others had bad run-ins.
some of these stories can be from scorned exes,
fuck buddies,
folks who didn’t understand or read “not interested” or simply:

They are really nasty people who can’t hide it irl.

you never know until you have your own run-in with them.
if you have or with other notable mentions…

The foxhole is a safe space to share your experiences.

we like story time here.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

9 thoughts on “the 10 gay males to (allegedly) avoid in the digital burn book”

  1. Leave it to the gays to be catty and messy. I only think half the slander have some truth. The other thread about the guys who has dated Harlan is wild. The girls have it in for him since he plays Fashion police and is very mean girl himself

  2. When I saw this I asked “y’all couldn’t tell they was hoes?” These are 35 year old men posting nudes on twitter talking about a Close circle when they should have a family . Does that seem like someone who you could have a monogamous relationship with? Gays pursue the most whorish men and be mad at the outcome. And I’ve seen rentmen accounts for several of the men mentioned so they prostitute as well.

    The reason this behavior can’t be called out use cause people label it judgment when they allow them to sit on social media and criticize other people all day with no to little backlash

    They’ll get canceled and then 6 mos later yall back to liking their pictures

  3. That Burn Book was reading for filth! Definitely gag material. Bruh, I died when they said Koree will take the Megabus to anywhere but shade you for doing the same thing. The Levi/Chico shade, look, if it makes their relationship stronger doing what they do, its a match made in Heaven. Levi always gone on a trip somewhere and Chico supports his husband no matter what, none of our business to figure out what’s going on during them times. The others, looka here, I wouldn’t have said a thing. I would have simply responded with a clap, a Nancy Pelosi clap. Left it at that. If it’s not true, let the truth speak for itself. If you have to “answer” to a burn book, it must be some kind of truth to it.

  4. Speaking of Rio, a few years ago he was interviewed (you can find the video on YouTube) and he mentioned he was in school to become a nurse, so I hope he is succeeding in that career. He always seemed like a good soul.

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