rihanna might be dropping her new era in february

i put into my mind rihanna has retired from music.
how many years has r9 supposed to been released?
rihanna has become successful in becoming the avon lady.
she has also put her own secret to success like victoria.
i was content that my bajan sis was a billionaire with a baby.
it looks like she might be on the way back.
the superbowl ran out of stars to perform this year.
taylor swift backed out and beyonce is probably ignoring their calls.
a majority of these new folks don’t have the hits to step up.


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i’m a little scared but excited as well.
i feel like she might be ready to drop r9 now.
they asked her to do the superbowl in 2020 but she declined.
this could be the perfect segway into a new era.
she has enough hits from all her eras for this show.

I wonder if she’ll incorporate her businesses during this performance?

have a whole savagexfenty runway show as she performs?
have fenty beauty compacts dancing like the sharks with katy perry.

that would be dope.
i know she is gonna have a shit ton of guest stars.
whatever she does,
i can’t wait to see it.
she has 3 months to pull it together.

lowkey: even apple music and prime video are promoting this.
this is a big deal…

this explains when she went to have that meeting in cali earlier this year.

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