How Was Your Black Friday?

tumblr_luti571V0o1qj3tu8i thought about getting up for “black friday”.
i wanted some new threads,
a pair of wheat timbz,
and “call of duty: black ops”.
jamari fox been in bed all day.
i been making up for all my lost rest of 2015.
i also remembered scenes like this could happen…

tumblr_ny32mfdYom1u2116qo2_250…and remembered why i don’t do “this“.
i’m not about to get trampled for an electronic tooth brush.
so i gotta ask the foxhole…

Did you do any “Black Friday” shopping today?

and if so…

What did you get?

lowkey: is there any top toys/items of 2015?
i feel like there are none of that this year.
well unless it is a patti pie.

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34 thoughts on “How Was Your Black Friday?”

  1. i went to the outlets at Jersey Gardens (it was packed for the gads) scooped up 2 pairs of jeans from Old Navy 50% off, then headed over to the NIKE Factory Store scooped up pants, jacket, socks and kicks each item was btw 20% and 40% off and closed it out with a pair of Timbs i’ve been eyeing since High School they where half off with an additional 40% off. After those 3 purchases I got the fuck outta there before i did more damage in the Coach outlet.

  2. You should definetly try this game called Until Dawn on the PS4. It’s about $20 at Best Buy. It has a pretty cool story to it

  3. I have never shopped in my 26 years for Black Friday. I’m not a fan of these stampedes and brawls for sales. And I don’t think I would ever.

  4. Ive always assumed that Black Friday was for people who think the Internet is just for watching world star hip hop. They would have to pay me, and well, to go anywhere near a retail outlet on that day. Instead, I took the time to take advantage of some great online sales. I even found a 20% discount on those hoverboards my nephews have been fiending for. Since I had three to buy, that was a savings of nearly $150!!.

  5. You should head up to Woodbury Commons in NYC for black friday next year. its more civilized but longer lines for designer things. Its something you should save up for a one time experience.

    1. That place is almost as bad as the Tanger Outlets in Riverhead and Deer Park. There were traffic jams in the PARKING LOT at the Tanger Outlet in Deer Park yesterday. THE PARKING LOT!
      My cousin told me they were stuck for close to two hours trying to get out of the place. That’s crazy…and for what?! Never been into that Black Friday madness. The stuff I need, I can find online.
      I got my nephews the games they wanted on Amazon.

  6. I’m in Atlanta visiting. My daughter wanted to catch the Victoria’ s Secret sale. We went to Lenox Square. Took a half hour just to get in the mall and park. The shop looked like a bomb hit it…bras and panties slung everywhere. She bought some Pink gear and I snagged some black dress slacks for work at Macys. It was fun but NEVER again. Some of the best sales are after Xmas anyway. I saw the video of that white lady snatching from that black child then trying to blame the victim. I’d have beat her ass if that was my child…

  7. Thanks to eating too much yesterday, the only Black I was concerned about was getting my Black ass in the gym this morning. Much like YCollete I can not stand large crowds of people, I seriously think I got low key anxiety issues, I hate going anywhere during rush hour crowds, I usually wake up early to even go to the grocery store and do errands to keep from having to deal with large number of people. I made up mind to only patronize Black business today if I was going to shop and went to a friend who has her own business and her website was jacked up and I couldnt order the products and I was like we got to do better, if you want people to support you be ready for business.

    I can not imagine anything that I need to brave crowds for like the ones on the video. I usually change out my closet every October, putting up my summer clothes and taking out my fall clothes. I discovered that I have so many new clothes that I have not even wore, that I forgot I bought last year and a number of clothes I bought for the summer I never got around to wearing. I realize then that I am beyond blessed and dont need anything and I should bless someone by giving some of this stuff away for the holidays. I would rather hang out with good friends and spend time eating and drinking than any material things in a store that will be forgotten about my Valentines day.

  8. I go Black Friday shopping. Puts me in the Christmas spirit. However, I always go around like… 7:30-8am. Ever since they started opening the stores on Thursday (the greedy dogs), that’s the best time to go. You have to wait in line, but not for no 20+ minutes, and the stuff isn’t thrown all over the place and picked over. Not a lot of people in the stores either, maybe about the same as a busy Saturday. (At least that’s how it is in Atlanta.)

    I got 3 shirts today for $35, regularly $55 a piece. Got my moms a bag she wanted for 50% off, I’d say it’s worth it.

    However, I would NEVER go to Wal-Mart or any electronics store. That’s just asking to be in some shit. I go to the mall. They got heavy security and it’s daylight, so I feel safe.

  9. It’s not nearly as bad where I am, but it’s still a hot mess in some select stores. Like others I stayed in and ordered a really nice trench coat! Why would anyone go out into that mess? People are crazy! Fk that!

      1. I wasn’t even planning on it either, I was just perusing the web to see if there were any good sales and low and behold this majestic wool trench for like 50% off!
        I’m a coat and sweater-aholic so I couldn’t resist! LOL

  10. Cleaned up at and got some new workout shoes and attire, plus a weight-lifting belt.

    I haven’t seen any sells. I don’t need a new tv and iPads are essentially still the same price.

    I would’ve whooped that lady’s ass for snatching something out of my kids hands.

      1. That whole clip exhibits how maniacal white people can be. Throwing rocks and hiding their hands all the while masquerading as the superior race.

        That black lady was kind. Anyone I knew would’ve put that box down and beat her ass.

  11. Hell nah, ain’t nobody got time for all that. I sat back, was prepared with money on a card, did all my shopping online (even helped some family) and laughed at these clowns.

    There’s not any material that is worth your life. I saw someone leaking from fighting. I would have had to bring my little pocket shank and whip it out real quick 😂

  12. Macy’s had some bitchin’ doorbusters, but the lines in the checkouts were so long that I didn’t have time to shop and get back to work on time.

    I’m looking forward to post holiday clearance though…

  13. I didn’t shop on Black Friday as usual it seems like the only day you can trample a child or beat someone to death over a baby doll and get away with it, meh it just seems weird to me

    my black paranoia tells me someone rich would get off at my expense.

  14. I didn’t set the alarm. Didn’t go into the office. Ate a leisurely breakfast then did the last mowing until spring and chopped brush on my property. It was therapeutic and the weather was sublime.

  15. I used to go out with my mom every year but all the chaos became too much to deal with. I especially hate how sales start now on Thanksgiving Day. I remember when it was just early Friday mornings. But nothing for me today. I’m sure I can find some good deals this holiday season though.

  16. I did a little black shopping online because so many sites where having deals. I was able to get an outfit from this Korean clothing site for half the price.

    P.S. Bump getting a Patti Pie I’ve headed things from “it’s good”, “it’s alright but my grandma’s is better” to “it’s downright nasty.” I would rather get Patti Labelle’s cookbook I heared nothing but praise about that.

  17. I don’t like crowds and I am claustrophobic.Just looking at these videos is making me anxious.I still haven’t gotten my damn Patti pie.

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