How Was Your Black Friday?

tumblr_luti571V0o1qj3tu8i thought about getting up for “black friday”.
i wanted some new threads,
a pair of wheat timbz,
and “call of duty: black ops”.
jamari fox been in bed all day.
i been making up for all my lost rest of 2015.
i also remembered scenes like this could happen…
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Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned (Black Friday)

you know how i “had” said…
that every time i was supposed to work black friday,
some shit would happen and i wouldn’t be able to work it?
well i think god was trying to warn my ass
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Fox Is The New Black Friday

tumblr_lvbvhxQuI81qemop0i’ve done retail before.
not my favorite at all.
whenever i worked retail,
i always use to hear about the madness that was “black friday”.
the time of year when usually sane people go completely mad for sales.
for whatever reason,
i would end up either getting fired or quitting before i could work it.
god’s rejection is god’s protection?
well today there was a mass email to volunteer at a retail store in new yawk.
this store is one of the big clients at my job.
they were looking for people who wanted to work on:

black friday

i did need the extra money.
it also might be fun as well.
so i sent a reply email and said i wanted to do it…
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Sharkeisha Wouldn’t Have Used A Stun Gun (IJS)

stunguni experienced grace thursday in alabama.
i was not ready for it.
i’ll talk about that experience later.
well this morning at 2:30am up north,
a fight broke in a philly mall for black friday.
a stun gun was also involved in the brawl.
now this is what i wanted to see…
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Your 44th Thought… (44)

black friday has also brought the freaks in aisle 69….

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WOLF MEAT: (134)

one of the assologist f-bi picked you boys up a present for black friday.
it use to be expensive,
but the fox decided to lower his price.
today only….

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