Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned (Black Friday)

you know how i “had” said…
that every time i was supposed to work black friday,
some shit would happen and i wouldn’t be able to work it?
well i think god was trying to warn my ass

aljbxlmy neck.
my back.
my neck and my back.
my everything fuckin’ thing is hurtin’ tonight.
if i had a wolf on deck,
he would be giving me a massage/tongue massage as we speak.

i realized today that i cannot do retail anymore.
there was so many damn people in that store.
i got asked so many questions,
questions i didn’t know,
from my left to my right.
i directed people to other people all day.
i had to find clothes in the stock room.
this one older asian vixen came in my section,
tried on a coat,
and then threw the shit on the floor and walked away.
who does this?!
i could have felt my “ratchet side” reacting.
you know the fine wolf,
the muscular one with the arms,
that i saw when i first went to ( x fill out the paperwork )?
well he worked the day before and wasn’t there today.
gif-aguilera-the-lord-is-testinginstead this little fox was always lookin’ at me.
i swear…
its never the wolves that look at me.
its always the foxes.
god again i ask…
why are you punishing me????

i won’t lie tho…
i worked with some of the most beautiful vixens ever today.
some had on christian loubs and expensive outfits.
like they were all gorgeous and looked like something out of a magazine.
better yet…
they would all probably get over 1,000 likes on instagram.
i’m sure they have all dated a baller wolf at some point in their lives.
the best part?
they loved me.
i got hugs,
googly eyes,
and all the things straight wolves would kill for.
very different from my ratchet ass co worker.
i really liked the attention i got from the snow bunny with the nice body tho.
she definitely needs to be on someone’s maxim hottest list.

all and all,
i’m tired as hawk.
no cute wolves to speak of,
but i can’t lie…
i did enjoy myself.
i feel everyone should work a black friday once in their life.
it will humble you.
they asked if i wanted to work weekends with them.

beyonce-solange-nephew-sonmy feet said “no”.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned (Black Friday)”

  1. Oooo Jamari you probably have yhat Wolf Swag !!! #insidejamariwolf doesn’t have the same ring but I can get used to it 😉

  2. Trust me, I know what it’s like for the feet to be on “sit yo ass down somewhere” mode. For the longest I kept getting blisters. I’m glad you got some eye candy and hugs. Even if it was only from vixens. Women are soft(to the touch) and smell good most of the time. The way you described em all looking, their hair, stomachs, & titty meat must’ve been on point. 😉

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