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Hey Jamari!!!

I’ve a recent reader of you’re blog for the past couple of months and I have to say that I’m completely in love with it and the work you’re doing!!! I wanted to thank for the inspiration you’ve been giving me and you’re fellow readers. I love how personal you are with us and how you let us in on both the highs and lows of your life. I’m currently in my second year of medical school and the last couple have really been difficult. I’ve been having a hard time this year because the workload is really intense,I have no money or free time, fighting depression and loneliness, and trying to date. I’ve been regretting doing school and have been considering quitting and doing something else. But I found you’re blog and I really connected with your struggles with work/career but still finding the good at the end of the day and how to look on the brighter/realer side of things. Its given me a lot more hope and reignited my fire and passion to get into my career and find my  baller hybrid! I hope I didn’t type too much and I’m no words smith so I hope I didn’t bore you lol but I just had to thank you for the constant encouragement you put out!!!!! XOXOXO


giphyi can nominated for a thousand awards,
but emails like this mean the most.

thank you for tuning in and joining me on this journey of mine.
i know that some days i am completely over it,
but i find it therapeutic to vent on those issues.
my life is not perfect at all,
but i would be stupid to say i’m not blessed.
getting up to read this email is a blessing.
even tho some people out here are doing well and life is a box of chocolates,
there are many who just want to know they are not alone.

now i’ll be the one to say it:


Joseph-Gordon-Levitt-Cheering-Clappingmedical school?
that is a gigantic big deal!!!
you are going into a path where you are going to save lives.
ain’t it funny…
  you said that i helped you with my words and soon enough,
you will also help others to live another day.
i know that path uphill gets hard,
and you are tired of all the bullshit,
but please do not give up.
you are already this far up your mountain.
take a moment to turn around and look down:

sourdoughjust look at the beauty of how far you have come.
i also need to remember this.
you will find your way once you get to where you need to be.
plus if you give up,
think of the potential riff raff who might take your place?
tumblr_m69277ZdQN1rujawgo1_500oh hell naw!
we can’t make room for these raggamuffins!
so stay focused,
lean on god when times get hard,
find a good “11pm – 3pam”,
and mucho gracias for the love and support!

jamari fox

ps: i want you to save this picture on your phone or tablet:

you could print it out and put it on something you look at.
anytime you want to give up,
remember everything i told you today.

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  1. Are you serious about quitting medical school? You a fool if you do that man. If you have the money to pay for it and doing well in your studies there is no reason to quit, not even if its too hard because the solution to that is to study harder. Remember, all the hard work you are putting in is for a good cause, and it will pay off for you at the end.

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