Kellon Deryck Climbed His Mountain

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 10.20.18 AM…and i want him to climb me next.
ratchet jamari wuz here.
anyway so you know how i feel about the hubz in my head,
kellon deryck.
he is smart as well as sexy as hell!
well he wrote something the other day and completely inspired me.
inspired me so much that tears rolled fuck hell down my face.
check what he said…

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 10.19.09 AM kellon1 kellon2how inspiring is that?
i felt every single word.
it feels like my life at this very now.
i’m sure it feels like YOU in front of your mountain as well.
ya know…
there is one more month before we end this chapter of 2014.
we have to write the final pages starting december 1st until the 31st.
well my fingers are already on the keys.
ive already started getting my climbing gear together as well.
god willing,
i plan on climbing my mountain for 2015.

i’m getting rid of all the dead weight.

bad habits
the “old” me
that disgusting job

before i leave this 2014,
i’m going to prepare heavy for next.
every lesson i have learned throughout the years of my life will be applied.
you should as well!
let 2015 be the start of your climb to the top.
anyway thank you kellon for posting this testimony!
i’ll have dinner and a special surprise waiting at the house.

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10 thoughts on “Kellon Deryck Climbed His Mountain

  1. I must comment today: first let me give Glory To Our Father In All HIS GLORY!!
    2014 has been such a year for me. I’ve been abandoned by my family, friends or at least those I thought were friends?? I’ve been homeless, am homeless, writing this letter as I sit at my desk at work?

    I live in Seattle, Wa and it snowed today. I have my 15 year old great nephew with me. I’ve had him since he was 13 months old. His mother died of breast cancer and on her dying bed she asked me to take care of her son.

    His dad is my nephew,( a loser) my deceased sisters son. I’m giving this back ground to let all know, i’m not giving up!! I’ve stayed in three different Motel 6’s, sleeping under my desk at work, thank GOD for the in house gym and shower facilities, I can play it all off!

    You may ask why a college educated man with two degrees, is in a situation like this?

    Family and Friends!!! I did not know one could be used so much! But, hear me now, It’s my fault!! No can do nothing to you unless you allow it to happen: and I’m guilty of allowing it to happen.

    I thought I was being the good son,brother and friend. Lord..Lord…Lord…do you know, not one of my family members invited me to dinner for Thanksgiving and they all live in the same city??

    I spent Thanksgiving with one of the owners of the company I work for?? He asked me to spend Thanksgiving with him and his family out of the blue. Now mind you, this man live in a neighborhood a thousand feet above the city!! Yall, should see the the homes, no mansions these folks live in$$$. This man took me to the summit!! Let him that hears me understand me???

    But remember, Satan, took Jesus up to the moutain top when Jesus was at his lowest also??? and I’m not Jesus!!! I recently ready The Alchemist, by Paulo Coehlo, and I must say this book is Life Changing!!! I’m following my Personal Legend. I’ve always been following it, but sometimes i’ve allowed myself to be distracted. Not any more!!! NFTG!!!!

    The Great Ms. Ross, has a song: The Voices of The Heart: If you listen long enough, if your dream is strong enough, you will find the answer in the voices of the heart! I maybe sleeping under my desk, but i’m not out in the elements.

    This too shall pass!! I have my kid with me, and that’s all that matters. May GOD Bless You All!!!

    1. ^ @bernard289 thanks for giving your testimony. The Lord will see you thru! @Jamari once again your post is inspiring a brother!! Thank you for your gift!!!

  2. Damn! That is inspirational. Even though I hear it everyday from friends, family, & acquaintances. I never let their negativity dictate what I can & will do. I have a key-chain that says “with God, all things are possible.” I really believe that.

  3. I really needed this. I know there is something better for me, but i just need the confidence to go and get it.

  4. in times of adversity we find our strength…if you DON’T take RISKS you DON’T GROW!!!!!!! take a step of FAITH…in 2009 i left Philly to go to a small town in central pa, to attend school…low on money, low on insulin i just googled a free clinic to find insulin when i get there (I’m a type one diabetic btw diagnosed when i was 9 I’m 27 now)…i was scared i was worried but i knew if i didnt move i would be stuck just working a nine to five taking classes every now and then…now im a college grad moving on to the next phase, and hopefully GOD willing i’ll be in medical school like the thank you letter writer you received earlier…keep on pushing everyone…REMEMBER nothing in LIFE that’s worthwhile comes without sacrifice of some kind!!!!

  5. so funny how the universe works. I needed this in this moment. I’m comfy but but unhappy in a job and I fell stuck. i’ve had a couple instances before where I had to take a leap and I’ve always landed, came up and came back stronger than before. i tend to forget those moments of triumph when I come to another trial so I needed this. time to do work.

  6. What he posted was a nice and inspiring for many people who needed it. With his handsome ass self. I’d cuff.

  7. Wow! His post just spoke to my inner man. It’s a leap of faith indeed to leave a secure place for the unknown, but sometimes that’s what it takes to walk into your destiny/season. If only it were so simple… 🙄

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