testimony of a weathered fox

i’m going to get down on my knees for this entry.
even when things don’t work out,
we don’t give ourselves grace for simply trying.
something inside urged me to give grace today.
here is my current truth

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Kellon Deryck Climbed His Mountain

Screen Shot 2014-11-29 at 10.20.18 AM…and i want him to climb me next.
ratchet jamari wuz here.
anyway so you know how i feel about the hubz in my head,
kellon deryck.
he is smart as well as sexy as hell!
well he wrote something the other day and completely inspired me.
inspired me so much that tears rolled fuck hell down my face.
check what he said…
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Is August Alsina The New Prince In “R-atch & B?

tumblr_n4lljwIDUW1t4mjzko1_1280okay so i thought it wasn’t ever going to happen.
i really didn’t.
i did not think i’d like august alsina.
i ain’t scared to admit.
i brushed him off as some ghetto chris brown/trey songs wannabe.
one who probably would only have one album,
a few mix tapes,
and the hook singer of every ratchet rapper.
i was sure he would be talking about hood rat sex,
black ‘n’ milds,
and pregnancy scares.
i also thought his fan club was 17 year old girls and the “light skin only” mafia.
don’t even get me started on that 106 and park incident.
yes i def prejudged him.
whatchu gonna do bout it?
well who knew i was actually going to like his music?…

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Idris Elba Use To Live In A Van Down By The River

tumblr_mfdkvuZfnS1r5irzzo1_500well not really,
but he damn sure was in a van tho.
( x jaye hardbody ) spirit negro,
idris elba,
had some tough times before he made it big.
stringer bell was broke and homeless at one point?
i don’t believe it!
well yeah believe it baby.
after reading this snippet of an interview he had with playboy in usa today,
it opened my eyes to idris in a big way…

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Mendeecees Harris Is Not Going To Jail

that’s good news for this one, right?…

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“No. No way. No, no.”

his words in court today:

not mine.

are we sure he doesn’t get down?
there are two sides to every story.
menfeces had his chance to tell his side of the story today….

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