Is August Alsina The New Prince In “R-atch & B?

tumblr_n4lljwIDUW1t4mjzko1_1280okay so i thought it wasn’t ever going to happen.
i really didn’t.
i did not think i’d like august alsina.
i ain’t scared to admit.
i brushed him off as some ghetto chris brown/trey songs wannabe.
one who probably would only have one album,
a few mix tapes,
and the hook singer of every ratchet rapper.
i was sure he would be talking about hood rat sex,
black ‘n’ milds,
and pregnancy scares.
i also thought his fan club was 17 year old girls and the “light skin only” mafia.
don’t even get me started on that 106 and park incident.
yes i def prejudged him.
whatchu gonna do bout it?
well who knew i was actually going to like his music?…

L0AdJA0so i’ve been listening to august alsina’s album,
every day since i got it.
it has been on HEAVY rotation on my way to work and back.
maybe his “ghetto tales” appeals to my inner ratchet?
its like he is a singer who sticks his chest out like a rapper.
hell i literally testified to his intro track,
it talks about his struggles before making it big.
sure he talks about ghetto hoes on a couple tracks,
but he actually has something else to talk about on others.
he speaks to those who grew up in the hood and ran the streets.
this isn’t main stream hood life at all.
my life wasn’t as rough as,
but i was a def “fix it jesus” couple years ago.
hell my haters (ick i said haters) thought i would be homeless or a crackhead.
nothing better than a “naw bitch” life come up.
so august and me could kick it with this music.
he’s definitely not like the other wolves who are one trick ponies and potential jailbirds.
this one seems authentic.
i hope hollywood doesn’t make him everything i thought he would be.

tumblr_mznmiwZ2K31rj1jduo1_400we shall see.

lowkey: i think he is still just okay in the looks departments.
his music,
and teeth did make him raise a half a point tho.

cop his album: itunes / amazon

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Is August Alsina The New Prince In “R-atch & B?”

  1. This is my boi right here man. I love him and I am a fan of his music. Now it’s time for him to hit the weight room a little so he can be a sex symbol in the game.

    Come here August, I wanna kiss all over your tattoos. Just give me five minutes, no make it an hour. Just one hour.

  2. I’m going to give him a chance now since you said something good about him because when i seen him live before on tv i wasn’t a fan of his live vocals, however i fell in love with him as a person after hearing his story…i do feel he’s attractive but he looks like someone i know, like splitting image so whenever i see him i smile because he looks like a younger, more ratchet version of some guy i grew up with…but i’ll check him out and The Man you so crazy lol

  3. I haven’t listened to him yet but I’ll give him a shot. I didn’t think I would like Frank Ocean but I ended up loving him before I knew he was one of us.

  4. Being from Louisiana myself, I must say….This right here has my body READY!!!!!!! He is my type fa real!

  5. i like his music /album. Few songs are actually very well produced. But he is a 90s kid…no father, no mother and veryl ittle values so I can expect his roughness around the edges. He is sadly going to be one who will ultimately get involved in some F ed up problems with the law as a result of his ratchet up bringing. I really hope it is not so.

  6. I’ll be in the minority then.

    I think it’s the “lightskin effect”, along with the fact the bar hasn’t been set very high with male R&B singers since Usher released his Confessions album to be honest. The content and quality of Trey Songz and Chris Brown’s music is atrocious to me.

    I see all these stan instagram pages and these gay dudes posting pics of him saying sexual stuff and I’m confused. I’m sure a few of his songs are okay but nothing that’s going to give him staying power. So that leaves “the lightskin effect”.

    Vocally he’s a dead ringer for Chris Brown, which is marginal at best. He doesn’t dance and his live performances aren’t hype.

    Sad day when dudes like Bruno Mars have more soul than actual R&B singers.

    1. To top it off, he doesn’t come across very humble and gracious for a new artist.

      You not even in the big leagues yet homie.

  7. Because I respect your taste ima give it a try. I don’t dig August either for the exact same reasons. He’s ok in the looks but whatever. Ill see what this album is about.

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