Rihanna Tops VIXEN CANDY (45)

BmaJK2HCMAElwbLrihanna is one vixen who knows how to push the envelope.
this is just who rihanna is.
you either gon’ love it or hate it,
but rihanna gon’ do what she wants!
this is why her topless spread for french magazine,
is my vixen candy for today.
hell it gets better…

rihanna19bring her to me now!
i love rihanna for her “not one single fuck to give” persona.
she possess the GLOW.
while every female,
all who happen to be fat and ugly call her a hoe,
i actually enjoyed the shots.
besides the full raunch of the “face down/ass up” one,
they were artistic and tasteful.
vixen knows how to take a pic.
hell the fashion world loves rihanna so expect to see more.
also this is also not an american magazine so don’t expect to see it in stores here.
other countries don’t tip toe over nudity like the united states.

lowkey: funny enough,
kim kardashian could do this same spread and come off “blah”.
why is this?

her spread for “lui” were shot by mario sorrenti

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

15 thoughts on “Rihanna Tops VIXEN CANDY (45)”

  1. Love RIRI…she is so authentic and really could care less what people think. She pushes the envelope with everything she does and remains true to herself.
    In France these pics wouldn’t even blink an eye..while here in the US all these online publications are giving her a side eye and salty females jumping to scold her.

  2. Perfect nips but those tit’s are underwhelming.

    I’ve never cared for Rihanna but I must admit that I listen to her more than Beyonce. I guess that’s why Beyonce has been trying to be like Rihanna so much as of late.

      1. They ain’t gonna do nothing but say I’m broke and jealous of B. What do I have to be jealous pf, I saw what Beyonce wakes up to everyday. I’d rather wake up to my average around the way boys than Jay-Z.

    1. I don’t mean to ruffle any feathers, but why does any celebrity do a photoshoot in a magazine? Yeah, that’s right, attention.

      1. Promotion of their product…

        I get what Man is saying. It’s like Miley’s whole try-hard shtick as of late. It’s like Rihanna is going “Look at me, I’m so edgy because my boobs are out.” Just like Miley’s “Look at me, I’m naked on a wrecking ball and giving head to a hammer.”

      2. Love Fox, you missed my point bro. Her titties and her ass are out. The average celebrity does not do that for a magazine.

        1. *raises hand*
          madonna did something similar for her “Erotica” era with her SEX book.
          I like researching artists and the motivations towards their “eras”.
          well through investigation,
          although it was a book,
          it was still published and sold in stores.
          madonna pushed the envelope and embraced her sexuality similar to rihanna.

      3. But Jamari, Madonna was known as a try hard at the time she did that, just like what Miley is looked at as now. And why is it when a woman is naked, people always say they’re embracing their sexuality? It looks more desperate than groundbreaking to me. Do we consider naked men to be embracing their sexuality or do we just look at them as naked dudes?

        The latter. 😐

        1. ^every female celeb is a “try hard” tho zen.
          beyoncé “tried hard” going ratchet.
          rihanna “tried hard” when she did the cover.
          jlo was a “try hard” with that green curtain dress.
          madonna was a “try hard” for her antics.
          britney and christina were “try hards” for theirs.
          every female celeb,
          no matter what they do,
          will be looked at as a “try hard”.
          if she is “embracing her sexuality”,
          she is a rabid slut bag.
          if she doesn’t and just stands there,
          she is boring and can’t compete with the “try hards”.
          if you have a pussy,
          no one wins.
          this is a man’s world so we always win.
          well unless we are gay.
          that’s a whole nother story…

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