Black Don’t Crack (Unless It’s On Crack)

tumblr_o3h693a2eR1qdzx0go1_500zoe kravitz and lisa bonet.
daughter and mother.
27 and 48.
whatever unicorn blood lisa is drinking,
she needs to send the foxhole a sample!these vixens are gorgeous!

lowkey: lisa looked so beautiful on hbo “girls” two weeks ago.
she just radiates sex.


Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 8.01.53 PMmeet the new instagram queen.
selena gomez is the highest followed celebrity at 71.1 million.
i actually don’t know much about her.
i do like ^that shot and her “hands to myself” joint.

i think she looks stunning and deserving of vixen candy.

lowkey: when you have over a certain amount of followers,
i expect your “likes” to be as much.
you got 10k followers,
but 50-100 likes?

check out selena on: instagram

Rihanna Tops VIXEN CANDY (45)

BmaJK2HCMAElwbLrihanna is one vixen who knows how to push the envelope.
this is just who rihanna is.
you either gon’ love it or hate it,
but rihanna gon’ do what she wants!
this is why her topless spread for french magazine,
is my vixen candy for today.
hell it gets better…
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