Amber Rose Reminds Us Summer Is Coming Up (VC: 48)

amber rose looks GREAT!
summer tan on fleek tho.
she is in maui and immediately took the “vixen candy” spot today…

CA-gN-qUMAAl03E…and she clearly has no fucks to give.

pictures taken: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Amber Rose Reminds Us Summer Is Coming Up (VC: 48)

  1. There’s being a liberated sexual man/woman, and there is being an extremely insecure person who flaunts their body every chance they get to prove something to society that they can’t prove to themselves. And Amber Rose (someone who I use to like and respect), Blacc Chyna, and Nikki Muddaris all are examples of insecure women. There is a REASON why their men left them, and there is a reason why they act like thirst traps. I unfollowed all of them because of this.

  2. Remind me, who is she again, and why exactly should I give even a tiny F**k about her? Is she trans or something interesting?

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