I Cum First (After THOTS Cum After)

12189081_2752355-clkfkhk_pm“i don’t care if you flirt with those bitches.
hell we not together.
you can fuck or get your dick sucked if you damn well please.
i care that you putting these cheap ass super thots before me.
see thats my problem.”

i was thinking about that today.
it lead to the following

listen i don’t care if my wolf flirts.
i want him to still be sexually attractive to others.
hell i flirt as well so its nothing.
the problem is when you are acting brand new with these cheap tricks.
as soon as they in your view,
you acting like you don’t know who i am.
i don’t do “second place”.
i always cum first.

tumblr_m6xjjz7Wtj1qeskczo1_500wolves have a nasty habit these days.
i don’t know where they picked this up from.
they want you to chase them.
its never a 50/50 chase.
these same hoes they entertain do whatever,
that when they trying to get with you,
they expect you to do “whatever”.
so when he meet a thot,
and a basic one at that,
the texts cease and the “all in my face” stops.
he get real “seasonal” all of a sudden.
he acts funny until either:

a) he gets what he was lookin’ for
b) he gives up and realizes its a waste of time

all = big issue for me.

joeydoorall i ask if for consistency.
if you say you are interested in me,
i want to always feel that way.
i always want to feel like i got you.
this new “bipolar attitude” towards dating is pretty damn annoying.
i would like a wolf to chase me down and make me feel it.
i know when i “feel it”.
it doesn’t feel half assed.
it feels like he is always in my front and rear view mirrors.
even if he got a few hoes on the side,
i’m still the muthafuckin’ factor in his birds eye view.

…is that too much to ask?
or am i reaching for the stars?


Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “I Cum First (After THOTS Cum After)”

  1. Well, I’m not chasing anymore dudes for a while. If he got hoes on the side, you don’t want him. I wouldn’t want to be after someone and I’m not the only one in the picture because he most likely will not get rid of the hoes once he is with you. He may not be banging them, but he is still talking to them in some capacity. Remember that. Some people cook for guys, let them drive their car, spend money on them, and be intimate with them, and in return they give you nothing, not even a Thank You note. Those are the people I sincerely feel for. I couldn’t imagine the pain one must feel when they are used as a jumpoff when they thought they meant much more to the dude than that. Don’t give you someone your all before they give you their all. Find out who they are, then act accordingly. You give them the same energy they give you.

    1. I agree with this. It’s also a matter of respect. Like I get it if he’s trying to feel me out, and want to be discreet and stuff, but I’ll be damned if someone is with me, and then they are ignoring me to my face trying to impress the ladies, so they can keep up their reputation, (as if even saying hi to me in a public space is going to ruin your reputation out front, like I’m a plague or something) while he can come home to me and get the sex he really wants?
      I deserve more than that, and so do all of you.
      If you’re with me, don’t be “chattin” up anyone else, period. I feel like what I would do for my wolf or hybrid, deserves at least that much respect.
      I am a human being with feelings, and deserve the same respect and integrity that these hoes get, not some sex toy or cum dump.

  2. hi jamary finaly reading back since january lol , i feel u i just got through the same, and ive realized that words are nothing man ,

  3. I feel like these pineapple forget you need to keep doing the things that first hooked me to you. Shit act like its the honeymoon phase all the time.

  4. Honestly, just be upfront and keep it 100!

    We can talk about DL men all day but that solves nothing!

    “Twisted” is the only word I can use to describe most of the GAY men that I have encountered.

    Some will play like they’re well adjusted but just wait on it. They bring this invisible baggage you don’t quite understand but you can just FEEL it with their actions.

    Move too fast. Talking to 15 other dudes. Want you to take them on a date so they can go home and fuck some dude that wouldn’t buy them a taco. Want to see your penis within 15 minutes of meeting you. Want you to be at their beck and call.

    You know what? Just be upfront about what your issues are?

    Abandonment issues? Say it!
    Commitment issues? Say it!
    Sex addict? Say it!

    It’ll at least open up the dialogue about it and if both of us want to proceed we can work on it together.

    Hi, I’m “Jay” and I have abandonment issues. lol

    1. LOL! You’re funny man.
      I like the idea of keeping it real from the get-go! Maybe not saying Hi, Im Dignified, I have social anxiety and trust issues, and self-esteem issues on the first date but, at least opening up the dialogue.
      I won’t pretend like I’m perfect, I’m not, but I will not force my baggage on my wolf either. Of course I’ll have days where I feel down, but I won’t be cryptic about my actions.
      But I’m a communicator, so its my nature. If there’s something wrong with me, I let you know “hey, im feeling depressed today because x,y,z” or ” hey, I’m just lonely today, I just want to feel important” or something. that way my dude knows what the fck is going on with me lol, and I want to know whats going on with him too.

      “Move too fast. Talking to 15 other dudes. Want you to take them on a date so they can go home and fuck some dude that wouldn’t buy them a taco. Want to see your penis within 15 minutes of meeting you. Want you to be at their beck and call.”

      Have you met people like this? I’m new to the game, so its kinda eye-opening to see this. These type of people sound exploitative, selfish, sloppy and rude.

      If people like that can get a good guy like you, why can’t I?
      You still sound like a sweetheart JAY, abandonment issues don’t scare me. I mean, whats the point of being with someone if they are only thinking of themselves? You should be helping each other through…
      We’re not all bad 🙂 Or maybe I’m the only one, or maybe I’m naive or inexperienced, dunno. Just want you to know there are always decent people out there, dont mess with those types you described above PLEASE. You deserve a good fox 🙂
      But yeah, keeping it real with yourself and your other is so important. Let them know your needs and shit. Communication is key!

  5. Jamari you got this all wrong. If the wolf not chasing you then he must be pig in disguise cause it known that wolves love to do the hunting, but if the dude is just sitting and letting people feed him then he’s a pig

  6. I have always been the type to never run after anyone. I’ve never really had a serious relationship with a dude because I’ve found them to be vain, shallow, and downright nut jobs! LOL
    I’ve had more drama messing with guys than I’ve ever had when dating a woman. It’s both scary AND sad. Among the guys I’ve dealt with, I’ve found that many of them THOUGHT that they were getting over on me, when I was aware of what they were doing and/or about. I’m upfront from the get-go and tell them what I’m looking for. They would always counter with something along the lines of, “nah you the only one I wanna be with.” In my mind I’m like yeah tell that BS to someone else. So basically it would come down to them wanting to do what they wanted to do, and I’m supposed to sit around waiting for them to come over and/or call, or get upset if I saw them with someone else. When that didn’t happen…THEY would get upset with me. I say there are plenty of fish in the sea…and the world does not revolve around them. They may be good-looking, or packing, or have a nice body…but there’s always something/someone better out there. The right person will come along. Don’t settle because you don’t think it will happen when you want it to. It takes time…and patience is a virtue.
    And I’m a patient man. LOL

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