VIXEN CANDY: (47)….?

tumblr_n9vmgt5Clm1tg6uoeo1_500well who knew kermit was packin’ from the backin
kermit the frog career done got new life these last few weeks.
i know the other muppets must be vex!
this one especially…







Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “VIXEN CANDY: (47)….?”

  1. Miss Piggy was the original HBIC. You wrong for giving the spotlight to her emasculated boo Kermit. She’s gonna shade the fuck out of you when she sees this. When she shows up at your job, she’s gonna do to you what Aretha did to Patti. Major shade and disrespect. You brought it on yourself so you have no one else to blame. You’re lucky if she doesn’t pull a Naomi and hits you in the back of the head with her cellphone. As you see in that gif, she won’t hesitate to hit a bitch. You fucked up, don’t ever turn your back to her. She goes through cellphones like Jennifer Lopez goes through men.

  2. DWRCL>. you wrong for that Jamari LMFAO Miss P go kill that queer frog…SH WANTS THE SPOTLIGHT but I don’t see that THOT showing her ass like Miss Minaj

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