The Truth, The Honest Truth, and Nothing But The Truth

MacMailIconso i took a day off today.
i needed a break.
i slept pretty much all day in result.
this job drains my energy.
anyway i received an email from the boss,
CC everyone that works in my department…


guess i’ll be in work tomorrow.

side-eye2i was gonna call out again.
mr. green,
the person who hired me,
will also be there as well.
there was also a part about being able to:

“speak about any issues you may have”

i got a text from the wolf in my department couple minutes after.
he wanted to know if i also received the email.
he said he was gonna say something and speak his mind.
he said everyone wants to speak as well.
i guess in my defense,
i have some things to say as well,
but i had to wonder

How honest should you be in a staff meeting?

or should you shut up and just listen?

15 thoughts on “The Truth, The Honest Truth, and Nothing But The Truth

  1. Just be able to back up everything you say…hence, why I always say document EVERYTHING that is said and done!

  2. Yeah, if “everyone is going to speak their mind” be the last to chime in. I’ll bet more than anything, you’ll hear damn crickets chirping when they ask, “does anyone have anything they want to add?!” LOL
    I had that happen once, where everyone claimed they had something to say, and I was primarily the only one that spoke out. And of course I let them know that I had documentation to back up everything that I said…in the event they wanted to try retaliatory tactics, you know?
    After the meeting co-workers came up to me and say I can’t believe you said this, or that. I told them get out of my face. I stopped associating with a lot of co-workers after that. Five months later the company moved to Ohio. LOL

  3. Jamari speak up if you want to. Shit you grown. But keep it brief…don’t get personal and start by saying something positive such as “thanks for allowing me a platform to make a positive suggestion”….offer solutions to your issue that are workable. You will come across as a team player.

  4. I wouldn’t say anything, even if you are addressed directly. ” My issues have been with particular employees and would prefer to discuss them in a more private setting.” The goal is not to bring peace to thus work place. The goal is to keep getting paid until the next gig comes along. It is easy to underestimate how many people have a family- funded safety net. Yours, as evidenced by last year’s dark times, is Jamari- funded or government- funded. The govt proved that there are limits beyond which they don’t care about your well- being. And, you haven’t been there long enough to have saved up a cushion for yourself. Preserve that paycheck, even if the occasional mental health day is the price.

  5. Jamari, if I’m correct, this will be your first staff meeting. Listen to what the others say. Be reserved. You’ve already spoken up to the managers about liar, liar’s actions when you’ve had to defend yourself, and you know she’s protected. Therefore, you need not bring up issues about her in the staff meeting. Listen, observe; there’s no need to step out there.

    1. Right, and if he says too much it will look as if he cannot take the heat and that he is weak. Keep quiet and play everything by ear man.

  6. The person who speaks the loudest gets laid off first. Be very quiet and agree with no one. Have the look of “Is it payday yet?” Leave the meeting with a smile and greet the bosses on your way out.

    1. Agreed, with the way she has been plotting for you being the only one to speak on a problem might not look too good. Just play it safe and feel the vibe you’ll know whether or not to say something when the opportunity presents itself.

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