why aren’t you being honest?

i was fonting with one of my dear best friends today in texts.
she asked me:

that question always made me nervous.
i got caught up in trying to impress her.
i always saw her as having it together but i am always a mess.
so i always wanted to look like i was doing something even if i wasn’t.
i was always full of excuses because i would do that when i was younger.
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should we have told that dude from our past we wanted the pipe and hope for the best?

he asked me how he looked in his outfit as i sat on the table.
i’ll admit,
he looked good af.
the way his arms and chest looked in his shirt had me on brick.
the way his plump ass hugged his dress pants made me lose my mind slowly.

i don’t know if he was completely straight tho.
no fully straight male lets me touch him the way i do.
it wasn’t sexual,
but it way past the “uh i’m straight” line.
some straights are comfortable around gays,
but there is a limit they will not cross.
he was one of them.
i told him his shirt was sticking out in the back.
he walked over to me,
got between my legs,
and told me to tuck it in.

i was getting really overcome with horniness tbph.
in a bold move,
i tried something i never thought i would…

work wolf.
the nfl baller wolf.

the wolf i was interested in recently.
some other “straight” wolves i knew in my past.
they were all wolves who were straight but seemed to be curious and interested in me.
i have this thing where i can attract curious males like moths to a flame,
but because i’m so worried about being “wrong”,
i kept a respectful line.
it might have made them think i wasn’t interested even though i was.
i had a dream last night about ^that situation above with a past wolf i mentioned,
but i had to wonder

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Give It To Me (UPFRONT)

“Do i look fat in these jeans?”

the straight wolf knew that question was coming too.
as soon as she waddled her ass in the room,
legit “i know i do but i need to tell me i don’t” look on her face.
you can kinda sense when someone is feeling insecure.
so when she asked that question,
his first instinct is:

“Let me tell her a lie to avoid confrontation.”

see ^that.
that right there.
that is where the issue happens.
instead of him telling this vixen the truth,
he lies to her so it…
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The Truth, The Honest Truth, and Nothing But The Truth

MacMailIconso i took a day off today.
i needed a break.
i slept pretty much all day in result.
this job drains my energy.
anyway i received an email from the boss,
CC everyone that works in my department…


guess i’ll be in work tomorrow.

side-eye2i was gonna call out again.
mr. green,
the person who hired me,
will also be there as well.
there was also a part about being able to:

“speak about any issues you may have”

i got a text from the wolf in my department couple minutes after.
he wanted to know if i also received the email.
he said he was gonna say something and speak his mind.
he said everyone wants to speak as well.
i guess in my defense,
i have some things to say as well,
but i had to wonder
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