Give It To Me (UPFRONT)

“Do i look fat in these jeans?”

the straight wolf knew that question was coming too.
as soon as she waddled her ass in the room,
legit “i know i do but i need to tell me i don’t” look on her face.
you can kinda sense when someone is feeling insecure.
so when she asked that question,
his first instinct is:

“Let me tell her a lie to avoid confrontation.”

see ^that.
that right there.
that is where the issue happens.
instead of him telling this vixen the truth,
he lies to her so it…

a) keeps her happy
b) reassures her she doesn’t look like a land whale

in reality,
it is allows him to get comfortable in lying,
while temporarily helps her low self esteem.
so when he is out there doing wrong,
he knows that lying will help him smooth things over.
see how that works?

in dating these wolves,
when he says to me:

i’m not looking for anything serious.
i just got out a relationship and my ex was…”

…i’m already cancelling him.
that is the biggest crock of bullshit a wolf can tell you.
so in his mind,
he says that so it allows you to think you can “change his mind”.
he will still give you the “perfect boyfriend experience” tho.

texting you “good morning” promptly
“when we gonna chill?”

…which all is jackal code wording for:


…and then after that’s done,
he’ll disappear into thin air like dhalsim from “street fighter”.

no more “good mornings” or even a reply to your texts.
he might leave your shit on “read”.
instead of him saying:

i’m feeling you,
but my jackal ways won’t allow me to be honest…”

he won’t say that,

“…i just want to talk and whatever happens; happens.
i don’t want to rush into anything right now.
let’s chill and see where it goes. “

if i’m down with it,
then cool.
if i want something serious,
then i know he isn’t the one for me.
if i’m sexually attracted to him,
we can cut the “talk” and get straight to business.

 if you start off being honest,
then there won’t be so much hurt feelings.
males wouldn’t be outed and life will be so much smoother.
that’s right.


they love fighting and dysfunction.
i forgot.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Give It To Me (UPFRONT)”

  1. oooh, for a minute I thought that was Chris Brown, hot kiss anyway! This bi wolf wanted to hook up with me, but he said it wouldn’t be anything serious, I told him that’s fine because I don’t want to see you everyday anyway, after I said that, he got all in his feelings. I was just being honest, I know that he wanted to fuck around part time, which means that I’m going to treat you as such!

  2. Flipping the script a little bit, my issue here lately with honesty has been trying to be nice and not tell these dudes who keep hitting me up on social media I am not interested without being an Asshole and hurting their feelings. I try to be respectful and not come out and say “Hell No” but most of these dudes are very aggressive and desperate. They tell you that you are all that they are looking for and you never once tell them that but in their mind you want them just as much as they want you. Now I just lie and tell them that I am in a relationship but a lot of times they get worse.

    Now onto the sad reality for most Gay men, we have lived our whole life being dishonest of who we are and what we like to the outside world that it easy for us to be dishonest to other Gay men. Sadly when you like someone you overlook a lot of things that you know are not true and most of the times is just blatant lies. Str8 men learn early on to lie to females to get what they want and gay men are no different. As I have said in the past, for the most part you can stick a fork in honest healthy solid Black Gay relationships, they are mostly a thing of the past thanks to Social Media. It will take a strong couple to weather the storms of so much temptation out here in these streets.

    1. If your last statements are true, it’s because people have become lazy in terms of relationships. They don’t want to put in the work to make relationships worth and are scared to hold others and self accountable to meet expectations of a relationship.

      I know it’s harder for black gay men, but we can have anything that we put our minds to, we just need to put forth the effort but also be in the mindset to put forth the effort.

      1. So very true but honestly have you ran across many like minded people who were relationship oriented. Most of these dudes out here are so flaky and fly by night and have played games so long that when you hold them accountable they run like roaches seeing the light. No one wants to stay in a relationship and really get to know you anymore all the good and bad, and I am guilty of being that way at times with a few dudes when I was younger who I now say that I should have gave them a chance they were really good dudes and some have probably said that about me as well who cut out on me. I think many of us come to a point where we just sort of give up hope and say if it happens it happens.

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