Kylie Jenner Is Doing What Most Females Do These Days

ya know,
at the end of the day,
my phone was blowing the fuck up with this story.
this is the story from my notifications:

since rihanna’s paw was on her neck with the make up,
she had to break free with the help of a scandal.
i’m actually not surprised or shocked at these developments.

kylie jenner represents a certain female in 2017

the ones who love to flex for the gram,
their entire wardrobe is from “fashionova”,
and they drink “flat tummy tea” instead of doing push ups.
the attentionista with the nice bawdy and the bird brain mind.
that is:

those are the types getting knocked up by wolves they just met.
do you even know this negro’s middle name?
have you met his parents?
they are getting pregnant by:

one night stands
dating for 2 months
being side hoes

they are satisfied with “baby favvah drama” and stalking his new girl/wife.
they are okay with getting knocked up with no foundation.
as long as they getting that child support check,
kylie barely has the self esteem for herself,
let alone a cub at this moment in her life.
i’m laughing that he/she will have all her real features too.

kylie jenner is an idiot.
travis scott is taking a huge “L”.
they will be some hoodrat’s #relationshipgoals.
couldn’t be me.

lowkey: i’m so thankful i’m gay.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

12 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner Is Doing What Most Females Do These Days”

  1. Despite all of her personality shortcomings, which she has in my opinion, men love her type, and always will. The coons definitely love them, well until they get pregnant and take them for all they got.

  2. Sad she allowed herself to get knocked up by this dude. Dude will be receiving support checks from HER…that’s how stupid her ass is.
    This kat is a flash in the pan hip-hop artist. These chicks kill me getting with the artist of the moment and getting knocked up by them, thinking them checks are going to be coming in forever.
    Mama Kris must be flipping her wig right now. LOL

      1. @ Jamari. LMFAO. esp since nobody is check for Kim or Kylie make up line now. Its a shame that Kylie looks older than all of them.

  3. You know Kylie probably only takes birth control and let Travis Scott and Tyga fuck her raw.

    The thought of her being responsible for another life is scary. I know Bruce and her older brothers are pissed! lol

    Its going to be hard to be a young sex symbol palatable to the white masses with a baby and a black baby daddy. lol

    White men won’t touch her now. Smh

    I would say its a waste of talent but she has none.

  4. I mean we all saw it coming right? It was either gong to be him or another rapper. Khloe will be the next one hoping to trap the right lost negro to give her mulatto babies, she is just looking for the right one. Kim, Rob & now Kylie. Kendall is rumoured to be gay, and no I don’t believe that fake ass ASAP Rocky photo-op showmance.

    S/O to Kylie because lord knows you couldn’t pay me enough to get with crusty Travis. I guess women are really blind to money & status. I’ve talked to men with money who wanted to date me but I couldn’t get past the thought of forcing myself to find them attractive due to their status. If you’re ugly to me then that’s it LOL. You got to be decent looking with a pretty bank account to get me even to consider. Even then I won’t be 100% with it, I gotta be desperate first haha.

  5. The thing is all of these girls model their lives after Kim. All of her sisters want this game thing bad but she’s the only one who kinda has it easy because she’s somehow likeable and the media loves her.

    For Kylie I was kinda surprised that Tyga didn’t get her pregnant. But then again I heard he’s claiming the baby is his.

    As for Kloe, poor Kloe she wants what both Kim and Kylie have but she’s not as “hot” or “beautiful”. She wants a baby by that negro so bad.

    Black men will always love white girls because they have that fetishism thing going on with mixed raced babies. That’s their fantasy to become successful and make “pretty babies”.

    This is their way of erasing what the white man sees in them, to make them more and more acceptable in society while also losing the very thing that makes black people beautiful.


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