So Usher’s Alleged Male Accuser Didn’t Get A Happy Ending?

i imagine this was usher’s face when he got the alert today.
i know it was mine,
as i was walking from the chinese spot for lunch.


…and that’s when i nearly dropped my food and my phone.
so the male accuser has a brief side of his alleged story.
i can predict the future too.
this is what tmz had to say…

Usher’s male accuser who claims the singer exposed him to genital herpes says the 2 had sex in a Koreatown spa in Los Angeles.

i can only imagine what the alleged accuser looked like.
how much you want to bet its an androgynous asian fox?
this part tho:

According to the docs, Usher has refused to stipulate that he has herpes and he has also refused to take an STD test.

…looks crazy suspect.
usher’s lawyer maintains they will fight for justice.
one of the accusers said they allegedly lost their twins because of this.
this shit is going to get messy real quick.

lowkey: kevin hart and usher probably exhale when a tmz alert happens.

article: tmz

4 thoughts on “So Usher’s Alleged Male Accuser Didn’t Get A Happy Ending?

  1. If he doesn’t have genital herpes he is an idiot.If he is “herpes free” he could have ended this months ago when the story first broke.Now 4 people have filed lawsuits damaging his image,brand,etc.He is being accusing of having gay sex(oral) at a Korean spa,causing one woman to lose her twins… What’s next?
    Also enough of this BS about him suing his accusers he has had plenty of time to sue them IF he was going to do it.He could have nipped this in the bud back in July when Jane Doe #1 (Laura Helm) filed legal papers IF he didn’t have herpes.

  2. Usher is about to blow everyone mind when he comes up with no trace of herpes.
    Because trust me there will be a doctor out there who will take a pay off and sign a non disclosure agreement to give him a clean bill of health.

  3. Idk how true all of this is. But I’ve learned a long time ago sometimes you gotta expect the unexpected from people you wouldn’t typically expect it from. The kind maid killed the polite homeowner. The good son killed the happy parents. The prostitute gives all her money to homeless people. And the nun is fucking the priest in the confessional. So idk about all this. It’s not looking good for Usher in my opinion he still hasn’t flat out said he doesn’t have herpes. Or did he??

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