The Big Baller Wolf, Albert Haynesworth, Who Cried Abuse

i guess this kills the concept males can’t be abused.
so everyone meet ex baller wolf,
albert haynesworth.
that is his ex,
next to him.
they both have a son together.
well according to a rant on twitter,
he explained why he broke up with brittany.
well this is what he had to font

but i’m glad this shed some light on how abuse works.
anyone can be abused.


abuse isn’t always physical.
that emotional abuse tho…
that can have your whole shit fucked up.
i don’t know much about albert,
but if his story checks out legit,
i’m glad he got out of that relationship
i hope anyone else in one can get out too.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

16 thoughts on “The Big Baller Wolf, Albert Haynesworth, Who Cried Abuse”

  1. You know what the sad part is? The majority of male abuse is not taken serious. Look I know we are condition to believe that all males are strong and tough and can handle anything, and women are fragile beings, but that is not true and quite dangerous. Men can be just as fragile as women.

  2. For some reason I don’t feel bad for him! If it wasn’t for his money, she wouldn’t have anything to do with him. They always running to those white women.

      1. Well, Kanye West kind of pointed that truth out on “Gold Digger” by saying, “and when you get on he leave your ass for a white girl.” Now, I know there are some black people that does date outside of their race, but to me, it’s very typical and cliche’ for a successful black man to date and marry a white woman or if he’s gay a white man because of what has happened to him. Then to say he’s pro black, yeah, not a good look.

  3. That’s what his ass gets. Soon as they get money, they go running up by pigeons screaming they less drama. In all seriousness, abuse can hit all.ends of the spectrum and society likes to pick what men are supposed to be immune to and not. I’ve told plenty of ppl to go.fuk themselves because they say I’m sensitive or sensitive like a woman. Hahahaha.

    The gag on this issue is the big black man screaming abuse from his delicate snow angel.

  4. I know this is sad to say. When I was younger I would rather take physical abuse then verbal abused. I told my ex of nine years that his verbal abused was more hurtful than his physical. Sad but truthful. I was with my high school sweet heart before my college one.

  5. it seems like some pineapples are facing karma this year.
    the ones who have questionable morals and integrity.
    i read albert said he didn’t date black vixens and was “one of them”.

    now he got his karma.

  6. I cant with this Sunken Place Negro who has gotten his wake up call from Becky. This dude had no use for his Black sisters and now wanna cry when those in the snow show us who they are everyday. He is clearly on the offenses because she is trying to take his money now that she has humiliated his ass. Yall pineapples gone finally learn they wouldnt spit on you if you was on fire if you were not a Black man with money and fame. Oh well too bad too sad.

  7. Oh but I thought black women were “too aggressive” and “too loud”?

    This was the same man that was accused of touching a waitress inappropriately and his defense was he couldn’t have done it because he doesn’t even like black women!

    Don’t be mad when you attract someone just as fucked up as you are on the inside. He wouldn’t have endured half of that from a black woman and he surely won’t use this experience as a reason to denigrate white women the way he does his own women.

    1. Now I’m glad his Lester Addams looking azz got what he deserved. So sick of Black Men (and some females too) making Ebony Kings & Queens feel like they the bottom of the barrel.

      “I don’t event date black women.” he said. Now he getting Karma dished out in the the form of Becky Slay…


  8. Good she should have kicked his ass some more. Lame ass. He thought she was soo much better than Black women , who he demeaned. Serve him right.

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